WankCoin Upgrades to ERC20 Tokens on Ethereum Platform

LOS ANGELES—WankCoin, accepted as payment on hundreds of active websites and soon to be tradable on almost every major crypto exchange, on Tuesday announced its coins are being upgraded to ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum platform.

With the upgrade, anyone with existing WankCoin can convert their coins to the new token version for free.

“When WankCoin launched in 2014 there were only a handful of cryptocurrencies available to the public, and very little in the way of unified standards in place to assure investors would get proper valuations,” explained Bradley Phillips of WankCoin. “Since that time the market has matured quite a bit and ERC20 has become an important factor in establishing value. For that reason, we have moved WankCoin forward under the accepted Ethereum standard.”

Providing more value for existing WankCoin investors, older WankCoins can be upgraded to the new ERC20 standard by using the simple token swap utility built into your WankCoin.com account.

“The new version is a major advancement, and as always we want to make sure our early adopters benefit from the move as well,” Phillips said. “There are no costs involved, just a free exchange to the newer and even better WankCoin standard.”

Phillips said the team behind the technology is what sets it apart.

“We are actual people you all already know, with decades of experience in adult and a proven history of operating in an ethical manner across a wide number of verticals over that period of time,” Phillips continued. “It’s easy to contact us and we’re always here to support our early adopters and new investors because we plan to move WankCoin forward for decades to come. WankCoin is a currency that already has years of progress built into it, and its one we fully expect to grow rapidly over many years into the future.” 

For more info about WankCoin, check out the company whitepaper at WankCoin.com.

Written by: John Roland

Originally published on: https://avn.com/business/articles/technology/wankcoin-upgrades-all-coins-to-erc20-tokens-on-the-etherium-platf-777661.html


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