Sex Robot ‘Samantha’ Now Comes With Ability To Say No To Sex

The sex robot “Samantha,” whose inventors say that “she” is the first sexbot powered by an artificial intelligence “brain” that gives her sexual responses and abilities far beyond those of inanimate sex “dolls,” will soon have a new feature added to her host of claimed AI abilities—you know; the ones that are designed to allow Samantha to offer users the most realistic sexual experience available short of having sex with an actual person, according to a report by SyFyWire

According to Samantha’s inventor, Spanish electronic engineer Dr. Sergi Santos—his Ph.D. is in nanotechnology—with her new upgrade, Samantha will now have the ability to say “no” to sex.

The AI-powered robot will simply shut herself down, going into “dummy” mode—that is, becoming unresponsive, presumably in a fashion similar to a standard, brainless sex doll—when a user becomes overly aggressive or violent, using sensors installed under the robot’s synthetic skin to detect when Samantha is being groped and manhandled in a disrespectful or uncomfortable manner.

But also, according a report by The Daily Mail, Samantha will sometimes shut down out of “boredom,” presumably if her real-life sex partner fails to demonstrate a sufficiently developed level of sexual creativity or technique.

The robot’s new AI-driven ability to decline sexual consent was demonstrated by Santos recently at the Life Science Center in Newcastle, UK.

Despite Samantha’s projected price tag of nearly $5,000, there may indeed be a market for a hyper-realistic sex robot. According to a recent survey on romance and relationships, conducted by the diamond-ring maker Forktip, which offered the choice between their own partner and a sex robot, “given that the experience was better” with the robot, almost three out of four men (71.3 percent) and nearly half of all women 49.6 percent, would consider having sex with the robot instead of their own significant other.

The ability to withhold consent for sex would be just the latest in a lengthy inventory of abilities that Samantha’s developers, Synthea Amatus, claim for the device.

According to the Synthea Amatus web site, Samantha has a memory and will recall the user’s previous sexual interactions with her. She also has the ability to initiate sex. The robot will “call for attention” when her AI algorithm tells her that she is sexually aroused.

But the bot also has the ability to call for attention when she is simply in a romantic (rather than simply horny) “mood.” The robot’s makers point out, however, that Samantha’s need for attention, sexual or otherwise, will never become annoying. Her AI algorithm “learns” how much attention her user is comfortable giving her, based on the user’s responses.

“She will synchronize with you. She will learn to not call continuously, but she will still call sometimes graciously,” the Synthea Amatus site says.

Photo via Synthea Amatus YouTube Screen Capture

Written by: Michael French

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