Pornhub Unveils Modelhub VOD Platform

LOS ANGELES—Pornhub on Wednesday announced the launch of Modelhub, an all-new marketplace for adult models to securely sell and share original video content.

Fully integrated with Pornhub’s Model Program, which currently boasts 57,000-plus models, Modelhub harnesses the growing traffic of the Pornhub Network to empower content creators to monetize their original content. Via the new marketplace, models can leverage Pornhub’s 90 million-plus daily visitors to sell content and receive tips from viewers, in addition to having access to view a detailed earnings report in their Pornhub account that documents sales and shares.

Models will also be able to disseminate their original content with advanced geo-blocking features.

“Here at Pornhub, we felt it important to expand upon our Model Program to make it all encompassing for the surge of talented content creators who are looking to monetize their various types of video content,” said Corey Price, VP, Pornhub. “Unlike the many sites today that require models to generate their own traffic to their stores, putting the marketing and promotion burden on the content creator, Modelhub leverages the world’s largest adult traffic stream to garner widespread visibility and generate significant revenue streams from one centralized platform.

“For years, models have been asking for a single platform from which they can sell their content, subscriptions and merchandise, and as industry leaders, we are now proudly delivering exactly that.”

Modelhub has been designed to cater to both up-and-coming models as well as established professionals.

“Since hearing about Modelhub and already knowing the huge amount of traffic Pornhub delivers daily, I’m so excited to be able to sell all of my content and merchandise from one place,” said Jenny Blighe, 2018 AVN Favorite Indie Clip Star. “This frees up a lot of the time I spend marketing from numerous platforms, allowing me to focus on delivering you all fresh new content!”

In the coming weeks, Modelhub will introduce a full suite of intuitive features catered to the modern content creator, including custom clip requests, paid model subscriptions, merchandise stores, social media promotion tools, and more.

Pornhub VP Corey Price expanded on the company’s vision for Modelhub in this exclusive Q&A.

AVN: What inspired the creation of this VOD platform? What about the timing, why now?

CP: We created Modelhub to provide users with a place to purchase premium content from the models they love, all without leaving Pornhub. This platform allows them to share their content and videos, making Modelhub a true one-stop-shop for models to not only increase their notoriety within the industry, but also the money in their pockets! Models asked us for a way to sell their content without having to use multiple different platforms, and we listened.

How will your VOD platform complement PH’s other products?

Every product we create is an essential part of the Pornhub ecosystem, so we’re ensuring a seamless experience by integrating for-sale content directly into model profile pages on Pornhub. Models will be able to drive traffic from their Pornhub profile to Modelhub, and vice versa–we’re covering all the bases.

How will the VOD platform differ from Pornhub Premium in particular?

Modelhub differs from Pornhub Premium as a VOD platform while Premium is a subscription platform. Premium members unlock thousands of premium videos for a monthly cost while on Modelhub, members get to pick and choose the content they wish to buy. Studios who place their content in Premium receive the industry’s highest rates per stream in our Viewshare program. Models will now also have the option to show their for-sale videos on Pornhub Premium, allowing them to earn Premium Viewshare rates on top of their sales earnings for all streams. Premium members will still have to pay to download models’ content.

Along with videos, in the near future models will also be able to sell subscriptions to their profiles, photosets, and physical items like clothing, signed photos and merchandise.

What studios will you be working with for the VOD platform—everyone?

As of now, studios will not be able to sell content, as we’re mainly focusing on models’ ability to sell and share their own original content. However, we’re working on something for the studios within the coming months.

How will it work in terms of content partners? Will you allow anyone to upload a clip of their choosing to it or will Pornhub curate the content?

Via the new marketplace, anyone in our current model program can sell content and receive tips from viewers, in addition to having access to view a detailed earnings report in their Pornhub account that documents sales and shares. Models will also have the power to disseminate their original content with advanced geo-blocking features, ensuring their visual and intellectual property is distributed safely and securely. When studios are added, they’ll be able to link shorter videos on Pornhub to the full length for-sale version on Modelhub.

How will the revenue sharing work?

For the first three months after launch, models will get 100% net payouts for anything they sell. After that, we’ll be giving 80% net payouts forever! 15% payment processing fees will always apply.

About how many movies/clips/studios will be available on the platform upon launch?

We expect to have 10,000 model videos at launch, with studios’ paid clips coming in the upcoming months

When is it launching?

We expect to launch the week of June 18th, with soft rollouts taking place the week before.

How long has it been in development?

Modelhub has been in development for about six months.

How will Modelhub be different from other established industry VOD sites?

The main difference between Modelhub and other platforms is it’s already fully integrated with Pornhub’s Model Program, which currently boasts 57,000-plus models. . … Our world class development team will help us keep rolling out new features all the time, to make sure we’re always giving our models the newest and best tech available.

Written by: Dan Miller

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