ManyVids Offers Free Memberships to Harvard, Princeton Students

LOS ANGELES—ManyVids CEO Bella French on Thursday responded to recent efforts to ban pornography on Ivy league campuses with free memberships in time for the holidays.

In the wake of ongoing debates taking place on prominent Ivy league university campuses attempting to impose bans on pornography, the former cam girl turned CEO of ManyVids wants to remind the best minds of our generation that not all porn is created equal, and that censorship of any kind rarely has a happy ending.  

French hopes that her advocacy will help remove perceived barriers on porn culture and introduce a new audience to adult entertainment made ethically, where the content creators are empowered to be successful entrepreneurs in full command of their craft, the impetus behind   

ManyVids is offering current Princeton and Harvard University students a free, three-month membership to ManyVids to combat efforts to ban access to pornography on their campuses.  

Current students can simply send an email to [email protected], with a picture of themselves holding a valid, current student ID, plus proof of legal age and they can enjoy their free ManyVids membership in time for the holiday season.  

Since its inception, ManyVids has always been a safe, sex-positivity space where adult workers can thrive independently, fighting for gender equality while speaking out against violence and abuse perpetrated against performers.     

“ManyVids continues to be at the forefront of the industry, where porn stars and cam models can be sexually free, and for anyone coming to our platform for a pleasurable experience, talks of censorship poses a major threat to personal freedom within the adult ecosystem,“ French said.

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