Kenzie Reeves and Milana May Love Being Roommates in New VR Scene

CYBERSPACE — When roommates get along, it’s a beautiful thing. When the roommates in question are Kenzie Reeves and Milana May, and they get along to the point of lesbianism, it’s the latest 6K ultra high definition VR scene from Virtual Reality Bangers. 

VR Bangers aims to provide fans with fantasy situations that are immersive and realistic, yet unlikely to happen in real life. 

“To create a VR porn scenario that is both realistic and surprising at the same time is a rather difficult task,” says Xander Jones, the Producer of Virtual Reality Bangers. “Today we invited two incredibly beautiful young girls, Kenzie and Milana, and asked them to imagine that they are two BFFs and had known themselves for ages now. And since one of them is in a desperate need of help, the other simply has to rise to the challenge and aid her friend as much as she can. Yet to find out what do I mean by that you will have to watch our newest VR porn movie called ‘Roommates Wanted.’”

Watch this VR Bangers scene here.

Those interested in other VR porn movies from the studio can become a member here.

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