LOS ANGELES—DoublePimp has signed a deal with LiveJasmin.com to become the live-cam heavyweight’s Agency of Record, overseeing all its media buying efforts moving forward. 

LiveJasmin.com is an adult-centric lifestyle and entertainment website that is home to more 200,000 active models and 35 million-plus daily users.

“I’m excited about the opportunity it creates for everybody,” Justin Franklin, owner of DoublePimp, told AVN. “Our decision was to evolve DoublePimp into more of an agency media buying model, working with advertisers to manage their online advertising budget.

“That was our expertise originally and the best thing for us is to pivot into using our relationships with companies to run their media for them.”

Outsourcing media purchasing is common in mainstream circles, but not so much in the adult industry. 

“It’s rare in adult because the adult guys like to be jacks of all trades and like to have a lot of control over every aspect,” Franklin explained. “But every company has to build their own team, train their own team and manage their own team and that becomes challenging. It’s a distraction for these companies and it’s hard to measure performance. It’s hard to find the right people. This makes it a lot easier for them.”

Franklin continued, “These are not topics you do on a whim. You have to have a dedicated team and a lot of experience. That’s the way we’re approaching this with companies and bringing them into the fold. It’s about performance and turning your buys into something that makes sense and brings a return.”

DoublePimp, which was founded in 2008, specializes in increasing companies’ advertising ROI by improving their operational efficiency, tracking, targeting and more. The company built its profile doing media buying for several highly trafficked tube sites, becoming the AOR for Mindgeek in 2010, when it began managing all the company’s pop-under ads.

“So it’s not like we’re new to the agency game but that’s the publisher’s side. This is our first foray into the advertiser’s side,” Franklin noted. “It’s about bringing stability and consistency into the marketplace, which is one of my main goals. It benefits publishers and it benefits advertisers in the long run.”

DoublePimp owned SpankWire.com, selling the site to Mindgeek eight years ago. As part of the sale, DoublePimp agreed to continue to manage the ads for SpankWire.

“That worked well and we expanded the agreement to be all the Mindgeek sites,” Franklin said. 

A native of California who also grew up in Wisconsin before returning to the West Coast in his early teens, Franklin gained invaluable experience in mainstream advertising before entering the adult space. Armed with almost 20 years of advertising proficiency, Franklin leads a close-knit team of eight media buying pros that facilitate the ad division for DoublePimp with an additional small army of contractors handling tasks such as IT support.

He said Jasmin’s market share and worldwide brand recognition creates numerous strategic media buying opportunities.

“They’ve done a really good job with their webcam site and the strength of their webcam site gives them the opportunity to do more buying,” Franklin added. “It’s cyclical.”

This announcement is a preview of more to come this year, according to Franklin, as DoublePimp looks to expand its media management and purchasing setups for companies. 

The LiveJasmin transition will take some time to fully implement, he said.

“There are a lot of moving parts,” Franklin said. “The main thing is that the industry is evolving. The ad industry is maturing. One of the big changes going on is the inclusion of pre-roll video advertising and that’s going to be one of our main focuses. It’s trending for the tube sites right now and DoublePimp is an expert at that. We have a lot of media creation and media management capabilities.” 

Written by: Dan Miller

Originally published on: https://avn.com/business/articles/technology/doublepimp-becomes-exclusive-media-buyer-for-livejasmincom-778051.html


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