BaDoinkVR & ViRo.Club Partner for Next Gen VR Experience

ROCHESTER, NY—BaDoinkVR, a premiere destination for adult virtual reality entertainment, and ViRo.Club, a new virtual reality platform provider, have announced plans to develop and host a virtual reality platform that is expected to revolutionize the adult industry. The partnership aims to bring to life a new level of immersion and intimacy that until now has only been a sci-fi fantasy. The combination of live performance, virtual reality, and haptic devices will converge, yielding a completely new VR sexual experience. 

“BaDoinkVR has built a tradition of utilizing emerging technologies to create new and compelling virtual reality experiences,” said Xavi Clos, Head of Production for BaDoinkVR. “Our partnership with ViRo.Club is the next giant leap in this direction, and we are excited to offer our fanbase a new VR platform to immerse themselves in.”

Virtual Romance Club, or ViRo.Club, is a unique platform that provides a real-time peer-to-peer visual and tactile connection. Erotic performers can interact directly with users in a virtual reality setting, leveraging motion-capture and haptic device technologies. Additionally, virtual environments and avatars can be customized to create a personalized fantasy experience. The integration with haptic devices creates an unprecedented level of intimacy and immersion in virtual reality that is exclusive to the ViRo.Club platform. 

“We built the ViRo.Club platform on the notion that the best virtual reality experiences can come from everyday human connections,” said Justin Moravetz, CEO and Creative Director for ZeroTransform, Inc., owner of ViRo.Club. “We are excited to bring this engaging and unscripted element to everyone around the world, utilizing the full capabilities of VR by incorporating sight, sound, and even touch.”

For more information about ViRo.Club and this partnership announcement, visit this link.

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Originally published on: https://avn.com/business/articles/technology/badoinkvr-viroclub-partner-for-next-gen-vr-experience-813243.html


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