A Case of'Mixed Signals' Unfolds in New Pure Taboo Release

MONTREAL—Kenna James makes her Pure Taboo debut in director Bree Mills’ new release Mixed Signals, out today on PureTaboo.com.

James stars as the stepdaughter of Mindi Mink (in a non-sex role), who introduces her nerdy son Jake Adams to the young blonde. Adams, a virgin who is uncomfortable around beautiful women, mistakes James’ touchy-feely friendliness for something more, and makes a move on her when the chance presents itself.

“What was THAT?” Kenna cries at Adams in the scene, to which he answers, “I thought that was what you wanted!”

“You obviously don’t know what you’re doing,” James tells him. “And while it’s gross that you’re like my brother, I supposed I could help you out.”

Mills commented that she feels Mixed Signals “demonstrates a common theme where a woman’s friendliness towards a man can easily be misconstrued and taken advantage of. I wanted to show both sides of the characters’ personalities and intentions in a powerful and realistic way.”

The trailer and full Mixed Signals scene can be found here. For more on James and Adams, visit their respective Pure Taboo cast pages: Kenna James, Jake Adams.

Written by: Allen Smithberg

Originally published on: https://avn.com/business/articles/technology/a-case-of-mixed-signals-unfolds-in-new-pure-taboo-release-781189.html


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