Women's Sexual Wellness Device vFit Now Available on Goop

SEATTLE — Joylux’s vFit, a device that’s designed to improve intimate wellness for women, is now retailing on Gwyneth Paltrow’s lifestyle website, Goop.

vFit is known as “the world’s first and only patented home-use device using red-light (LED) energy, gentle heat and sonic technology.”

“This is a perfect match,” said Colette Courtion, Joylux CEO and founder. “We are excited to expand our footprint with a brand so committed to women’s health. Together we can raise awareness about the taboo topic of sexual health and improve the quality of life for women. This alliance is a win for Joylux, goop, and most importantly, women.”

Last month, Joylux also was chosen as the winner for the Luis Villalobos Award when it was named the most innovative company by Angel Capital Association (ACA) members, a membership of 14,000-plus accredited angel investors. According to GeekWire, the company also just recently raised $7 million, bringing its total funding to $12 million.

Joylux launched its flagship product, vFit, last year. Designed by a team of women and OB/GYNs, vFit offers women a noninvasive and non-hormonal sexual wellness solution. According to the company, in a recent scientific study of postpartum and menopausal women, study participants reported improvement in overall wellness, natural lubrication, sensation and confidence after using vFit.




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