Stop Hangover Launches From HiPleasures, Makers Of Sugar Cum

MIAMI—HiPleasures, the manufacturer of Sugar Cum, has launched its second product: Stop Hangover.

“We want people to have a good time, but not have to pay for it the next day,” said CEO Brittani Feinberg. “Stop Hangover is a revolutionary new product that does just what the name says it does. Hangovers are misery, but we’ve got you covered. Like any product, Stop Hangover should be used in moderation and we don’t abdicate misuse of a*****l or drinking and driving. We want people to use our product and be safe. This is more for the occasional drinker/partier who overdoes it and wants not to feel horrible the next day. We suggest that you carry a packet or two with you before heading out for a night on the town.”

All-natural supplement Stop Hangover keeps the party going with antioxidants your body needs when you’re hungover. It’s best to take Stop Hangover while you’re drinking, but it can also be taken the morning after. Stop Hangover’s proprietary blend stops hangover symptoms including dehydration, stomach irritation and electrolyte imbalance and helps with headaches and nausea by flooding the body with essential vital nutrients.

StopHangover is available for purchase on It’s available in the Starter 5-Pack (20 pills), Party 10-Pack (40 pills) and Ultra Party 20-Pack (80 pills). Right now, the whole collection is on sale with substantial savings.

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