Sportsheets Unveils Re-Imagined Logo, Company Attitude

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif.—Sportsheets is actively making changes to its corporate culture in an effort to be more authentic with retailers and customers.

From cosmetic changes to its physical space to initiating profound conversations with retailers about everything from racial and sexual diversity to the authenticity of its people, products and packaging, the manufacturer is looking to change the way it and the industry as a whole does business.

“As Sportsheets approaches our 25th anniversary, we are preparing to reveal a re-imagined version of our company, and we are very lit up about it,” said Julie Stewart, president of Sportsheets. “With a fresh new logo and deeper, more connective conversations with our retailers, we are more focused than ever on promoting honest diversity. Sportsheets’ headquarters has also had a complete office makeover, from stunning colors that flow with neutral tones and modern aesthetics that match the Sportsheets brand perfectly. In the next few years, you will see some of the most beautiful packaging we’ve ever done. The entire team is working day and night to bring the ‘new face’ of Sportsheets to fruition in time for the ANME show.”

“You can expect the same high-quality products with a wider appeal and a deeper sophistication, that offers more diversity,” added John Turi, marketing director. “From our models to our messaging, from our packaging to our advertising, it’s no longer business as usual. It’s time for a ‘new’ conversation, and we’re ready for it. Our customers talked, and we listened!”

This companywide change resulted in a Sportsheets logo redesign as well. The font is bold and modern. Stylish colors were chosen for their gender-neutral balance. The new brand symbol represents “infinite connection” and “self-unity,” and welcomes customers, retailers and fans to the next phase of Sportsheets. 

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