Rock Candy Conducting Display Contest for Retailers

LOS ANGELES—Rock Candy Toys is ready to celebrate National Candy Month in June with a special in-store merchandising contest for adult retailers.

Rock Candy Toys enlisted the creative expertise of industry veteran Casey Murphy to bring the contest to life.

“We couldn’t resist the opportunity to have some fun with the pre-existing National Candy Month holiday,” Murphy said. “The Rock Candy Land display contest mirrors our dedication to creating the ultimate in-store experience. We hope retailers enjoy long-term benefits from creating a playful, energetic environment for their customers.”

The contest challenges retail store owners and staffs to transform a portion of their stores into a whimsical, real-life candy land with a dynamic Rock Candy Toys display. Eligible displays include a dedicated section, wall, table, rack or countertop showcasing the product line alongside Rock Candy-branded point-of-purchase displays, available directly through distributors. The merchandising pieces include hanging Treat Yourself signs and the Rock Candy Candy Shoppe, a realistic tube-style dispenser designed for walls and countertops.

Eligible contestants must be owners of a retail store licensed to sell and currently carrying Rock Candy Toys pleasure products. Displays must stay intact until the winner is selected.

Rock Candy Toys recently nabbed two StorErotica Awards Nominations—Marketing Campaign of the Year and Merchandiser of the Year—drawing creative inspiration from the old-fashioned candy shop experience. While developing the line, the company stayed dedicated to the aesthetic, aiming to create a remarkable experience for consumers. Retailers are encouraged to incorporate any additional decor that is cohesive with the sweet treats theme.

To enter, display photos must be posted on the store’s social media accounts, and submitted via the Rock Candy Toys contest page. One entry per store is allowed.

The winning store will receive a custom-branded Rock Candy Toys gift box valued at $500. The box will be filled with classic candy sweet treats, Rock Candy toys, and an assortment of gift cards for the staff to enjoy.

Winner will be selected by the Rock Candy Toys staff and announced on July 13.

Rock Candy is now taking submissions online until June 30.

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