Get Pleasure Poppin’ With Rock Candy’s Lala Pop

LOS ANGELES—Rock Candy Toys has unveiled its latest creation, the power-packed Lala Pop.

“The Lala Pop was created as an integral piece in the Rock Candy Toys collection,” Rock Candy Toys President Keith Caggiano said. “We’ve revamped the classic candy favorite as a pleasure product that’s perfect for solo play and couples play, and can be used to stimulate both internally and externally.”

Lala Pop is a candy-themed wand massager that features a unique lollipop shape meant to deliver a pop of pleasure to erogenous zones with the simple push of a button.

Users are impressed by the Lala Pop’s powerful vibrations that are transferred by the vibe’s smooth round tip.

“We put the motor right in the head of the Lala Pop so the weight and vibrations are felt directly and powerfully,” Caggiano said. “With its semi-flexible neck, users can control the pressure when used against erogenous zones all over the body. It’s a treat for the senses is sure to have customers hooked!”

The Lala Pop takes the iconic lollipop shape and enhances it with a semi-flexible neck that provides just the right amount of give and enough pressure from the Lala Pop’s smooth bulbous tip. The top of the pop hides a secret treat in the center—a power-packed motor that includes three speeds, and two pulsating patterns for teasing and pleasing.

The versatile Lala Pop is made from body-safe ABS plastic with a smooth outer coating. The firm, nonporous material is safe, hygienic, and compatible with all lubricants. With a water-resistant design, you can get your fix in or out of the shower. Available in multiple bright candy colors, pick your flavor and treat yourself.

For more information, visit, email [email protected] or follow the company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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