Dr. Ava Cadell Releases"Sexycises by Sexperts" Video

CYBERSPACE—How can couples have sexier sex? By watching Sexycises By Sexperts! The new “sexercise” video was produced by sexologist Dr. Ava Cadell, who gathered 19 of her closest (and sexiest) sexperts to demonstrate how it’s done. The sexperts—most who have earned advanced degrees—include psychologists, sex therapists, marriage counselors and yoga experts. Many of them are so sexy they could have been porn stars!

The sexycises combine kundalini, vinyasa, tantra yoga for couples, and acroyoga, which combines yoga and acrobatics. The poses range from “mild to wild,” says Cadell, and anyone can do them. The poses are scaled for the beginner, intermediate and advanced sexyciser.

“For years I’ve found that couples get the quickest and most positive results when they connect physically,” she says. She was inspired to make the video after she experimented with instructing couples to touch each other with the goal of helping them become “emotionally connected through physical touch.”

Throughout her career as a couples counselor, Cadell also noticed that couples “don’t want intimacy to be hard work,” and that they “sometimes take sex too seriously.

“What they need,” she says, is to have some sexy fun together!”

The sexperts offering their sexpertise in the video include Dr. Cat Meyer, PsyD and LMFT; Dr. Hernando Chaves, MFT; Dr. Anne Ridley, clinical sexologist; Kayla Cassard, sex therapist and LMFT; Dr. Nancy Sutton Pierce, DHS and yoga expert; Miyoko Fujimori, Playboy radio host and acroyoga instructor; Dr. Jane Hamilton, Ed.D and sex educator; Dr. Jallen Rix, clinical sexologist and professor; Dr. Amie Hardwick, PhD and psychotherapist; Erica Jordan, relationship coach and sexologist; Dr. Tamar Reilly, PhD and sex surrogate; Dr. Don Etkes, PhD and sex therapist; Christina Engelhardt, love coach and astrologist; Symon Murray, sexuality teacher; Brett Stephenson, partner yoga teacher; and Eric B***d, Eric Sealy, Dominick Cole and Kayvon Afarifard, acroyoga instructors.

The video, which is $3.99 to download for 24 hours, and $14.99 for an unlimited download, can be found here.

For more information, visit Sexycises.com.

Originally published on: https://avn.com/business/articles/novelty/dr-ava-cadell-releases-sexycises-by-sexperts-video-784087.html


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