Crowdfunding Launches For New Wireless VR Headset, The PVR Iris

CYBERSPACE—Billing itself as “the world’s first VR headset for porn,” the PVR Iris bills itself an innovation in the world of adult entertainment, bringing the experience to life using the latest in virtual reality technology. Last year saw a 9,900% increase in search terms for adult industry content, and that’s a market that PVR will capitalize on and use to disrupt the VR adult industry space with its new Iris.

The team at PVR stated that it has been adamant about creating a high quality VR product that could fulfill the needs of many while keeping it high quality, but most of all, affordable. The Hong Kong-based company intends to introduce one of the lightest VR headsets which functions without the need of any mobile devices, keeping a crystal-clear resolution, all while having a battery life of at least 3 hours.

The Iris will have a 6K 60Mbps H.265 video decoding capability capable of displaying video that only uses half the bandwidth of most VR devices. It runs at a crisp 2560*1440*3 resolution and boasts a battery life of up to 3 hours of video playback, all the while keeping the device under 300 grams. The device uses a Fresnel optical system, hardware anti-dispersion and hardware anti-distortion, which all work together to improve the immersion, maintain automatic pupil distance and nullify disorientation. This means that it will do everything in its power to keep users from becoming dizzy or disoriented. All of this is contained within a single all-in-one HMD (head mounted device) which has the ability to link with an array of sex toys. The user interface has been designed to shorten the amount of time spent searching and more time using the product.

The Iris also will take advantage of some newer technology in the way of blockchain to bring high quality adult VR content. The blockchain will help the large sums of data needed for VR content to process at a faster rate, and due to the decentralization of the data, will provide users with security, but most of all, anonymity. In a future stage of development, PVR plans to use peer-sharing methods which will give users the opportunity to earn PVR Tokens for activity on the network that they can use to purchase high quality VR videos. With the integrated algorithm, PVR Tokens are automatically earned and distributed to users, which could signify a high potential investment in the PVR Iris as the only VR headset designed exclusively for the adult entertainment industry.

Users involved in backing the official campaign on Indiegogo will be able to enjoy a free subscription for two years with the purchase of their headsets. The subscription service has been described as “Netflix but for adult content,” meaning that users will be able to benefit from PVR’s large content library updated on a weekly basis. All the content in the PVR library is copyrighted, which means that the videos are full-length videos.

So far, dedicated partners for the PVR Iris include the likes of HoloGirls VR, BaDoinkVR, VRCosplayX, VR3000,, VR3000, VR Sexperience and 18VR, with more to be added soon. 

“We broke down the process of someone ‘loving themselves’ and created a product that seamlessly fits into the ritual and enhances the experience to levels that you wouldn’t otherwise experience (individually that is),” reads a statement on the Indiegogo campaign page. “Both hardware and software were built from the ground up specifically for that one purpose in mind; therefore, no other headsets on the market even comes close to paying as much attention to this element.”

For more information, contact [email protected], or click here.

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