Fresh Faces: Autumn Falls

LOS ANGELES—Autumn Falls likes to keep a record of her work.

“I have all my information down in my laptop,” Falls says. “I stay pretty organized—from like the first shoot to my last recent shoot … I have everything on there.

“I keep track of the company, the day, who I’m working with and then my rate for that day. I have it set like that, so I know. I’m a pretty organized person. It helps a lot.”

The scenes continue to add up for the 18-year-old native of New York, who is authoring a breakout year in adult entertainment. Just six months and a week after she made her porn debut in Miami, Falls has performed in more than 100 sex scenes—with dozens more on the way. The all-natural Puerto Rican starlet—who is represented by East Coast Talents—at press time was booked solid through June.

“I’ve just been working hard,” says the soft-spoken Falls, who is the April Penthouse Pet of the Month and has a social media following that has surpassed 130,000 on Twitter and is approaching 118,000 on Instagram.

A pole vaulter and 400-meter sprinter in high school, Falls knew she wanted to do porn last spring as a senior, when she was mulling over potential stage names during class.

“I remember I was coming up with names even before I turned 18,” admits Falls, who will be 19 in August. “Like in class I was thinking of names and what I want to do. I was just trying to figure it out because I knew I wanted a good name for myself.”

She decided to use her real first name.

“Autumn Falls came to mind and it just felt like it fit,” she says, adding that a friend of hers—the same guy who emailed her photos to East Coast Talents on her behalf—helped her reach her decision. “And we had that name in mind like four months prior to when I actually turned 18.”

After her 18th birthday Falls tried camming for two months on Camster, where she started to gain fans. She also recalls following several established stars on Instagram—when she wasn’t watching their scenes on Pornhub.

“I loved watching their videos and it just made me want to do it,” Falls says. “I just loved everything about it and that kind of inspired me to do it.

“I remember I used to watch Lana Rhoades and Gina Valentina; I used to watch Riley Reid. I was like a little fan girl. I just loved it. I was like, ‘I wanna be a porn star.’ It was something I thought I could do.”

She was right.

“Obviously, when she first came in—an 18-year-old with natural boobs—everybody was like, ‘oh my god’—and then when she got on set people saw how good of a performer she was,” says John O’Byrne, who owns East Coast Talents. “She’s going to do really well. This girl is booked 20 to 25 days a month.”

Falls’ first scene was a girl/girl with Darcie Dolce for Brazzers on October 8.

“That was my first time ever working with a girl and having sex with a girl,” she says. “I was pretty nervous at first with the acting thing. I’m really comfortable being in front of a camera in general. It was more of the acting prior, but after the intro and we were getting into the sex it just felt good—I didn’t feel as nervous. I felt really comfortable and it was great.

“Then the next day was my first boy/girl with J-Mac. And I was a little bit nervous, but not so nervous. I just felt ready. I was ready to fuck. I felt really good afterwards. It was for Reality Kings.”

After warming up in South Florida with additional scenes for BangBros, Naughty America and Mofos, Falls headed for Porn Valley, Calif., at the end of October.

“And I remember the first three scenes I shot out there were for Vixen—that was the first one—Jules Jordan and TrenchcoatX,” Falls says. “And afterwards I started working with other companies. Like with Mike Adriano. That was one of my beginning ones.”

Vixen, the 2017 AVN Best New Imprint created by three-time Director of the Year Greg Lansky, liked Falls so much they made an official commitment to her after her second scene.

“They did, actually,” Falls says. “They wanted to contract me so I did a non-exclusive contract for them. I’m still on it. I have it for the year. I’m hoping it will be good. One of my goals is to become a Vixen Angel. I feel pretty lucky signing a contract with them.”

Her most recent Vixen scene debuted in late March, when she took on Marcello Bravo and 2019 Vixen Angel of the Year Teanna Trump in a three-way called “How to Be a Sugar-Baby.” 


She says her debut with Vixen—a boy/girl with Alberto Blanco called “My Chance to Catch Up” that was unveiled on November 10—felt like a step up in class.

“I remember being really nervous because production-wise it was more professional and the camera equipment looked really intense—but in a good way,” Falls says. “But I don’t focus so much on the camera at the same time. Once I’m there in the moment with the guy, we were comfortable.”

It was around the same time last year when Jon Blitt, the owner of Mile High Media, asked if Falls would sign at his exhibit booth inside The Joint at the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in January in Las Vegas.

Her agent O’Byrne tells AVN, “Jon told me, ‘She’s done three scenes for us and they’re some of the best scenes I’ve ever seen.’”

The answer of course was yes and Falls enjoyed her first AVN Show experience.

“I met a lot of people. I was pretty happy about that,” she says. “It was so different. Because I’ve been to Exxxotica before but it was nothing like that.

“I remember I stood after my [signing] time to finish taking pictures with everyone. There were a lot of people wanting to meet and take photos, so it was good. I didn’t know there would be a lot of people in line just to say ‘hi.’ It exceeded my expectations.”

Falls says she only knew of a couple male performers before porn, such as prolific studs Manuel Ferrara and Mick Blue; the Frenchman Ferrara is the reigning AVN Male Performer of the Year, who has won the title a record six times, while the Austrian Blue captured three straight from 2015-17.

“Those are the two I was most familiar with male talent-wise,” Falls confesses. “Now I know more male performers—like who they actually are.”

Falls wasn’t starstruck when she found herself on set with Blue and Ferrara.

“I try to stay more in the moment and not thinking about their videos or what they’ve shot or anything,” she jokes. “And I try to just make sure it’s a good scene and perform the best I can because I know they’re really good performers.”

She continues, “I remember being really excited just to show them that I’m good. I don’t remember being nervous, just really looking forward to working with them.”

Falls tangled with Ferrara in Pretty Little Sluts 2, Ripe 7 and Bra Busters 9—all of which are distributed by Jules Jordan Video—and also Super Cute 9 (Hard X). She took on Blue in Stacked 9 for Hard X and a couple more scenes that have yet to release.

“Autumn Falls is an amazing new talent on the block,” Blue tells AVN. “She has beautiful natural looks, a great sexual energy and an amazingly hot look. We have done a few scenes together since she is in the industry and it feels like that every time we work together it’s getting better and better!”

Blue adds, “I feel kinda shy now that she knew me already before she came into porn. I would have blushed on set if I would have known the first time I worked with her. I am super honored. She is definitely Best New Starlet material in my books. Big thumbs up.”




Falls reveals one of her best scenes so far was with 2018 AVN Male Performer of the Year Markus Dupree in Oil Slick 2‚ which was released in March. Veteran shooter Chris Streams directed the scene for Evil Angel.

“I think the oil scene I did with Markus Dupree was pretty good,” she says. “I never did anything with a bunch of oil and I know that Chris Streams is really good at doing oil scenes and Markus is really great at that. I felt really proud from that scene, especially. It was so different from what I’m used to shooting. I really enjoyed it. That one was one of my favorite ones.”

Markus Dupree, aka the Russian Rocket, agrees.

Autumn is the future of the industry and she is very, very nice lady with a big light inside herself!” Dupree tells AVN. “She shoot with me oil scene for Evil Angel and actually it’s an anal movie. But I recommend to shoot her to Chris Streams—even if it’s just boy/girl!

“I said that, ‘I will take all the risk on my shoulders!’ Because she is a new performer and did not have big experience but I knew that she can make it with me because I like her and it’s a different story …”

Dupree continues, “Chris Streams always trusts me with my choice because I always give him 150 percent. He knows nothing can be better when the guy is into the girl … He was shocked that I was OK to not shoot an anal scene.

“This scene was oil with super high energy with not one cut. This is the level of top 10 girls in the industry. Autumn handled that like eating ice cream in Central Park!”

Streams, who has shot hundreds of movies in the past 18 years, came away impressed with Falls’ performing ability.

“There are a lot of great girls in the business right now but only once every decade does one as special as Autumn come along,” Streams tells AVN. “From her perfect natural body, beautiful face and her brown skin that drives me crazy, then she fucks like a rock star.

“You take all that and cover her with oil and then unleash Markus Dupree on her. That’s a great day!”


Dupree, who has worked with Falls four times, recalls his first time meeting her on the set for TrenchcoatX. The 2019 AVN Director of the Year Kayden Kross wanted to surprise him.

I was in Russia when Kayden Kross texted to book me for her company. And of course my first question was, ‘Who is the girl?’” Dupree says. “Then Kayden told me, ‘Do you trust me?’ I said ‘yes’ but I still ask, ‘Who is the girl?’ Kayden said, ‘Just book it and you will tell me “thank you” after.’ … Then I said, ‘OK Kappa, I always trust you!’”

Then when Dupree was on the way to the set he says Kross called him and joked, “I think I found you your future wife.”

“I was a little bit stressed and excited at the same time,” says Dupree, who has performed in more than 3000 sex scenes since 2006. “So I arrived and was super nervous. So first I ask, ‘Where is the makeup?’ I come into the kitchen and Autumn was sitting there in the makeup chair faced away from me, so I saw just her back. My heart start to beat a bit more. I say ‘hi’ to Kayden and after I turn around and I saw—you know, I just saw Autumn, and I say, ‘Hi, what is your name?’

“She answered me with a very quiet, soft voice, ‘Autumn.’ And right away Markus Dupree became like melting vanilla ice cream. I don’t know what happened with me this second but it definitely was new for me.

“To be honest, when we start to do dialogue I was not myself. I just looked at her and didn’t even think about sex. It’s never happened with me before. I just look at her not like Markus. It was the real me. You can see by this scene that it’s a completely different connection, passion and energy … Kayden never saw me like that before. The first kiss was very special because I was not into sex at all. I just felt the urge to kiss her!”

Dupree continues, “Everyone know that shooting for Kayden is not easy because she is the wife of Manuel Ferrara and she knows what is a good performance and what is the passion. So every time I try to impress her. But this time I was like a teddy bear. When we start the scene, I was super shy of Autumn—I have no idea why—but in a little bit Autumn woke up inside of me a different self and I just completely forgot about the camera. All that I remember is Kayden told me that I can cum now!

“I want say a big ‘thank you’ to Kayden Kross. She change my life in a very good way! Autumn will be a very elegant brand. … Honestly, there are not many girls who are very unique like her.”

Kross tells AVN she sees something special in Falls.

“Autumn has only worked for me once and it was that scene,” Kross says. “It was obviously a great scene, which was especially notable because she was brand new at the time. Her sales were immediately many times better than what I’d see from a performer who hadn’t established a name, and better than most performers who had established a name as well.

“I have her on the schedule again. I think what works so well for her—at least it did there—is she delivers really memorable performances without trying to ‘perform.’”

Falls did her first scene with two guys—Jules Jordan and Markus Dupree—in December.

“I never did that before even off camera,” she says. “That was really fun for me. I like working with Jules. He’s so nice. … I’m so comfortable with them. I like hanging out around them, so it felt good. I felt like I knew what to do at the same time and I was just ready.”


Falls says being born and raised in Manhattan “taught me to grow up really fast.”

“I’m more mature, independent and kind of smart in my own way. Kind of like street smart, but life smart,” she says. “Especially for my age I feel it taught me to be more mature just being around a lot of adults and doing my own thing and living in a busy city.”

She started off doing cheerleading before joining the track team in high school, where she was “pretty quiet.”

“I never worked. I never had a job in high school or anything. I remember when I lived in the city I used to make YouTube videos for fun and then during my free time just go out with a friend,” Falls says. “I have a really small circle. I would just go out with a friend of mine, just go out to cafes in the city. … I went to two schools—one in the city and one in the suburbs. The one in the city was smaller.”

She made her YouTube videos about makeup and fashion. “I was really into that,” Falls says. “Growing up in the city I’m around a lot of fashion-inspired things because I live near a fashion college. A lot of New York fashion is so different.”

Falls says her fans know she has some old YouTube videos out there.

“I’m really comfortable with my fans knowing what I did. I tweeted about it. It was like, ‘Oh #throwback when I used to do makeup videos,’ so they know where I started from,” she adds.

She wanted to model at a young age.

“I tried to apply to modeling agencies in New York but their requirements are so different. You have to be a certain height; you have to be certain measurements,” she explains. “I knew I wanted to do adult modeling at a young age because I knew I couldn’t do professional modeling, but I would look at Sports Illustrated or Playboy. I remember I was so interested in doing that. But I never got into modeling growing up. I was really photogenic so I would just go out and take photos with a friend and post on social media.”

Now she wants to go as far as she can in the industry.

“I want to grow a brand name for myself and just really take it seriously as a career,” she says. “I have some inspiration—Angela White—I feel like she’s a good inspiration that I can look up to.”

She has met the Australian star White, who is the reigning back-to-back AVN Female Performer of the Year. “She’s really sweet. I just love how her career has gone. She’s done it for so long and she’s really good.”

Once she adds anal to her arsenal Falls would like to do more scenes for Evil Angel.

“I like their style. It’s more gonzo and hardcore,” Falls says. “I would love to shoot for TrenchcoatX more … I’m pretty content with all the companies I’ve been working for. I just feel so happy I’m getting so many opportunities.”

Her agent John O’Byrne isn’t surprised.

“Every year there’s those one or two girls that come in who are the Flavor of the Year,” O’Byrne says.




Photography by Vixen & Rick Garcia/@industrybyrick


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