Mia Marin Busted for Using Sex Toy at Mexican Tourist Attraction

The JRZ monument is one of the main gathering spots for tourists, as well as locals, in the Mexican border city of Ciudad Juarez, so naturally it seemed the perfect location to film a porn video.

Unfortunately for Mexican porn performer Mia Marin, who has exactly that bright idea on June 15, the local police disagreed. According to a report in the Spanish-language, Los Angeles-based newspaper La Opinión, Marin found herself under arrest “for masturbating on public streets.”

But not before she got enough footage of herself using a sex toy in front of the oversized sculpture of the letters “JRZ,” which she later reportedly posted to her social media accounts. A censored version of the video that got Marin busted can be viewed at this link, courtesy of the Mirror newspaper.

According to the Mirror account of the incident, the seemingly tireless Marin—star of such Mexican-produced titles as Sexo Navideno,  Angel Anal, and Psicologa—capped off her evening at the monument following two nightclub performances.

The paper described what happened next.

“In footage, Mia is seen sitting on the JRZ Monument while wearing a short black dress. She opens her legs to reveal she is not wearing any underwear. As colleagues keep lookout and confirm that the coast is clear, Marin then drops the straps to her dress to expose her boobs. Mia then uses the small sex toy in full view of the camera. The cameraman then tells her to stop and Mia stands up, completely naked from the waist down. The man filming says ‘the boobies’ and the porn star flashes her breasts.”

And, well, that’s about it. Except for the quick arrests of Marin and her two companions, presumably the camera operator and a lookout, the latter of whom seems to have failed at his job.

According to the La Opinión account, Marin was arrested not for committing a public solo sex act but for insulting the officers who came to break up the video shoot. She was required to pay a small fine and sent on her way.

The police took no further action, because “the act was held late at night, so the establishments were already closed,” according to La Opinión.

Photo via Mia Marin Twitter

Written by: Michael French

Originally published on: https://avn.com/business/articles/video/mia-marin-busted-for-using-sex-toy-at-mexican-tourist-attraction-783060.html


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