Kissa Sins Discusses Star Showcase for Jules Jordan

LOS ANGELES—Kissa Sins made it look easy.

But her stunning photoshoot with Jules Jordan in the Glamis Dunes, located about two hours southeast of Palm Springs, Calif., was harder than it seemed.

“It was freezing cold,” Kissa jokes. “It was in the 40s. I had to run back to the car every two minutes. But it was such a fun experience.”

Wearing a bright red bodysuit and sashaying around the desert barefoot while waving a red, flowing fabric, Sins danced with the sunrise while the AVN Hall of Fame director snapped away.

One of the shots turned into the box cover for her new showcase movie, The Corruption of Kissa Sins, that is available this week in a special edition two-disc set.

“It’s such a cool thing to add to my showcase,” Kissa says. “When we went out there we didn’t know that was going to be the box cover. We thought we might get something but even after we got the shots we went back and forth about making a standard porn cover with pictures of my butt or something.”

But there is nothing “standard” about the five-scene movie that includes the first anal, interracial and double-penetration scenes of Sins’ career in a benchmark movie that she says, “shows my true sexual journey.”

“It’s kind of like my life in a DVD,” Sins says. “I know it sounds cheesy but this is an exploration of my sexuality. It’s like exposing my soul. It was really transformational for me.”

Jordan, who signed the excitable fan favorite to a 25-scene performance contract in January, agreed.

“I’ve never had such balls-to-the-wall, volcanic performances in a showcase than I did with Kissa in this movie,” Jordan tells AVN. “She really went all out and did everything the fans were wanting to see in a showcase, such as first anal, first DP and first interracial.

“It was so hardcore we had to struggle to tame down some things to really get some cinematic shots, so we went out to the desert to get some shots and came back with some of my favorite shots of all time.”

Jordan continues, “The galactic drone shots really came out beautiful. I love to personally fly drones, so any chance to use them in a production, I’m all about it. We also inadvertently got the amazing cover shot from the desert photo shoot. It’s something you’d see in a mainstream magazine—being the photographer of this was really rewarding.”

The release of Kissa’s anticipated showcase represents a milestone in her AVN Award-winning career that started in 2015 when she broke into porn with her real-life partner Johnny Sins. The native of Pasadena, Calif., had only performed boy/girl sex with Johnny—the 10-year-veteran stud who won the 2018 AVN Favorite Male Porn Star award—until entering into the contract with Jordan that entailed her working with other male performers for the first time.

Kissa says she couldn’t be happier to give her fans what they’ve craved.

“They’ve been begging for this, and for three-and-a-half years I waited,” Kissa says. “No one thought it was gonna happen. I didn’t think it was gonna happen. People are gonna go crazy.”

Kissa hand-picked Xander Corvus for her first boy/girl scene with someone other than Johnny—and Corvus was only the fifth guy she had ever banged.

“I was so, so nervous. I hadn’t even kissed another man in five years,” Kissa admits, noting that Xander has a similar personality to her so their chemistry is palpable.

“Xander got a haircut before the scene and he looked so handsome. He was in a suit, standing behind this sliding glass door at the beginning of the scene. When Jules called ‘action,’ Xander was looking at me like he wanted to eat me and suddenly I wasn’t nervous anymore. I was so turned on by how animalistic he looked. He mauled my ass, threw me down and ruined me. It was so perfect because that’s my sexual intensity level.”

That level is also on display elsewhere in the movie, Kissa assures.

For example after her first DP, she was a changed woman.

“Oh man, DP’s are my absolute favorite thing that’s ever happened to me,” Kissa says.

“I was nervous at first because that was one of my biggest fantasies. I started having these dreams about getting double penetrated.

“I’m so orgasmic already. I’m so sensitive and I cum harder out of my ass than out of my pussy.”

Mick Blue and Markus Dupree, one of the top DP duos in porn, did the honors. Blue is a three-time winner of AVN Male Performer of the Year (2015-17), while Dupree won the industry’s premier male performing award in 2018.

“Mick and Markus are so great, so professional,” Kissa adds. “It’s cute to see them work together. They have their system, like sign language for opening up to the camera and changing positions. It definitely surpassed my expectations and feels better than anything—even better than anal. It’s so intense.

“I like group sex. I like two guys at once because I feel so spoiled. I feel like a princess. It’s all about me and feels so cool. I feel so overwhelmed.”

Kissa met Mandingo, another AVN Hall of Famer, in a separate encounter; he was only the sixth male sex partner of her life.

“That was quite a big penis for my sixth,” she confesses. “That penis is stunningly gorgeous. I was like, ‘What is this thing?’ Just looking at it, it’s beautiful. I’ve always loved black guys ever since I was a kid. I was so excited to see the contrast of our skin. I was obsessed with him. He was amazing…I think that’s one of the my favorites.”

Kissa says friends told her Mandingo had a quiet demeanor on the set. 

“He was so nice to me. I think he was really into fucking me,” Kissa says. “I had a great experience with him.”

Kissa performed her first career anal scene with Johnny even though she says anal is not his preference.

“He doesn’t like anal and I’m like an anal slut, so I never get anal,” Kissa explains. “He did warm me up the night before everything. It was important to me to give my man my first anal. He got me into the business. Now I’m an anal whore.”

Kissa also tangled with 2018 AVN Female Performer of the Year Angela White and Dupree in an all-oil, all-anal romp.

“Me and Angela are absolutely obsessed with each other,” Kissa says, describing the scene as “an explosion of oil” that including the thick liquid being shot into and out of both their asses.

“Markus is crazy. I love Markus and his energy. I have so much energy and it’s really rare that I’m matched with somebody who meets my energy. I think he’s a blast,” Kissa says.

“It was so intense I got into a car accident afterward. I rolled down Jules’ driveway and hit the wall. I thought, well how else could this day end? I laughed. It was still the best day.”

Before breaking into porn, Kissa worked as the general manager of a restaurant chain and also as a party planner and event coordinator for two major venues.

She also knows how to build a website, holding a few computer-related jobs along the way.

“It’s so funny it’s come to this. I always knew that it would happen. I’ve always been so sexual,” Kissa says. “I’m super sensitive to touch and everything. I’ve always needed sex and a lot of it. I like to be pressed on and choked and fucked really hard. It feels like drugs to me.”

Forever horny, she even used to battle her sexual urges while at work.

“Every other day I had to masturbate in the bathroom for every job I’ve had,” Kissa reveals.

Jordan isn’t surprised. He’s seen Kissa’s insatiable appetite for sex up close.

“Kissa is definitely making a huge impact this year with this project and we’ve gotten more pre-orders than any other movies in the past,” he says.

To order The Corruption of Kissa Sins, call 1.800.787.5053.







Written by: Dan Miller

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