, Grand Slam Media Fete Year-Long Partnership

TORONTO—As and Grand Slam Media celebrate the one-year anniversary of their strategic partnership, the companies announced today they plan to continue working together.

The strategic partnership placed emphasis on customer service, eagerness to adapt new approaches, and forward thinking attitudes. The partnership is still going strong as the companies blend a mix of internal product promotions with external advertising and performance-based work, creating multiple revenues streams in a stable business environment.

“In the past at Kink, we had trepidation regarding the quality and authenticity of our member’s experience, especially in regards to Network Advertising—GSM has completely quelled those fears. They pay such close attention to Members’ Area needs and voices, and works effortlessly to mitigate issues all while helping us push internal objectives. We can’t wait to integrate with them further,” said Vice President of Marketing Matt Slusarenko.

One constant that remains since launch is a refusal of the status quo, with GSM and Kink working hand in hand to continually innovate and create new placements that are not only compliant with the Better Ads Standard, but also drive greater revenues to the bottom line. The next endeavor is the launch of video pre-roll advertising inside‘s member’s area platform, with its highly engaged, loyal user-base.

“This inventory will offer advertisers access to premium, member’s area video advertising that will soon become the standard for many pay-site products as they look to drive secondary revenue streams in 2018 and beyond. The ads are compliant with Google’s Better Ads Standard, are highly visible, and fitting for premium platforms looking to offer their users a clean, transparent experience,” said Luke Hazlewood, CEO of Grand Slam Media.

Grand Slam Media has long maintained a strong presence with online dating traffic; with, a unique model is in place for the pay-site platform that is time tested and successful in its implementation. Fourteen months later, the proof is there.

“It has been a pleasure working with Kink because they understand how to truly utilize our partnership. While they focus on their iconic brand and the development of their niche community- GSM is focused on the business development of Kink’s advertising model. Kink’s highly engaged user-base has proven to translate into a highly intended consumer; making their advertising space truly premium,” Luke said.

Any advertiser and/or publisher inquiries can be sent to [email protected]

Written by: Betty Knowles

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