Fresh Faces: Nathan Bronson

This article originally appeared in the July issue of AVN magazine. To see the digital edition, click here

Nathan Bronson is a threefold talent: porn stud, chef, stuntman. Fucking, food and falls are the tentpoles of his professional life.

The Southern California native has been working in porn, off and on, for over two years. It was patchy at the beginning but at AVN 2017 he made some valuable contacts that helped him surge ahead. This past year was a good one for him, represented by Society 15.

“I was actually a chef for seven years and I got out of being a chef because I was a stunt man too. Fire stunts, high falls, free running, parkour … I do wire work, the list goes on.

“I love cooking cuz there’s a creativeness about it, but I hate the job. A lot of work. I love porn cuz you meet all these interesting people and get to so something not a lot of people do. And you can have a lot of sex—that’s always an upside. Pretty girls all the time. So yeah, porn is definitely on my list of favorite things to do.”

His first “actual porn scene” was in a “lube room” where “girls will shower you down, wash you down, slather you with lube and then you fuck on the bed. It was for Barrett Blade’s company.”

More recently he’s worked with MILF newcomer Reagan Foxx, Anna DeVille, Tiffany Watson and Peter North’s wife, Nadia North, in Faithfully Unfaithful—the gangbang scene, he notes. “I did a shoot for Hustler with a girl I’ve never seen after that [Stassi Sinclair]. It was for a movie called Anal Nurses. I’ve been trying to find it cuz it was a great scene.”

The highlight of his career so far was working with porn icon Nina Hartley. “That was amazing. Dude, she’s a legend. We were shooting content. Jay Taylor brought me in. We were doing a scene where she was showing me how to work the clit and everything. I’ve been fucking for a long time—she was showing me shit I have never seen before. I wanted to take lessons with her. She’s amazing. She was hittin’ me with paddles while I was fucking Jay Taylor.”

Bronson has some prominent tattoos, including a “Nordic symbol”—three triangles—on his chest, plus a septum piercing, which he removes for auditions and shoots.

What does he do for fun? “Lots of training, fights, martial arts, all that stunt shit. I also love cooking for people.”

How did his chef career begin? “When I was young I was cooking a little bit here and there, and my mom was in a coma and my dad wasn’t around so I had to cook for myself all the time. And I got really good at it over time. And then I went up to Santa Barbara to live with a girl, and she broke up with me and I was teaching parkour, making no money. I was teaching a kid whose parents owned a restaurant, so I started cooking there.

“And I still do cook, every once in a while. I go to Santa Barbara, I cook up there. Catering companies will hire anyone cuz I can’t go work in a restaurant, because they want you there every day. But when I’m at a party I cook for everyone. It’s a lot of fun and people seem to really enjoy my food.”

To book Nathan Bronson, contact Society 15. Twitter: @nathan_bronson.

Photo by Rick Garcia/@IndustryByRick; taken at an AVN Talent Night

Written by: Jared Rutter

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