Fresh Faces: Emilia Song

This article originally ran in the June 2018 issue of AVN magazine. Click here to see the digital edition.

Emilia Song recently made the leap from solo camming to performing in video production: “I started working with a couple a little less than a year ago. We did cam shows together, and also recorded some clips. I come from a theater background, and I realized how much I missed collaborating with other people, and that whole production process.”

She has a BFA in theater arts, with an acting concentration: “I studied acting in high school, and by the time I got to college I was really interested in directing for theater. That itch to perform never really goes away, though. Once I figured out how to scratch it, I thought ‘I guess I have to do this now.'”

Song says she loves how open people are in video production. “Coming from the cam world, it can take a lot to tease what people want out of them. Here, they just tell you.”

She would like to work with Bree Mills: “I think she and I have a similar directing style, just based on what she’s written. She sets boundaries for her actors and just sandboxes them, as opposed to being specific about ‘You need to do this, now.’ It seems like an exploratory acting process as opposed to a prescriptive one, which I think is really cool and really excites me.”

She also wants to work with Greg Lansky. “I love his aesthetic. I think it’s cool what he’s been doing in terms of elevating porn into this very artistic sort of form. It seems like in the past two years he’s been bringing that to the forefront in the industry, opening it up to different things we cam explore.”

She went to the AVN Adult Entertainment Expo in January, and calls it “one of the smartest things I ever did in terms of career moves. I was hanging out at the Chaturbate and MyFreeCams booths, making connections with other cam models and doing a few collaborations. I also met directors and other casting people.”

Song is looking forward to using her acting skill in features. “I really love doing characters. I really want to do some parodies. I want to be a freakin’ superhero in a nice costume as opposed to my crappy old personal one. That would be badass. Anything you can really sink your teeth into in terms of acting abilities. Bree Mills said, ‘Get a few scenes under your belt and come back to me.’ I’m doing that.

“I want to see what I can do. How can I change my approach for whatever company I’m shooting for. How am I stylizing my interactions. How I’m reacting to other people in the scene. That’s what I’m most excited about. Exploring that. And seeing what I can bring to it.

“And making people orgasm. The whole cumming thing.”

Book Song through Hussie Models. Follow her on Twitter: @TheEmiliaSong.

Photo of Emilia Song by Rick Garcia; for more images from AVN Talent Night, click here.

Written by: Tod Hunter

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