Control Freak Features The Lair on New Episode About AVN Show

LOS ANGELES—A new video segment from digital publication Control Freak spotlights The Lair, an interactive BDSM area of the AVN Show, which host Mike Catherwood says he’s “pretty sure [is] where all the fun stuff happens.”

The segment, which debuted May 29 and is titled “AVN 2018—Kinks,” is the second in a three-part series about the AVN Show. The final episode will be released soon, and the first episode, “AVN 2018—The Future of Porn,” can be seen here.

“Porn has many flavors and recently alternative porn search entries such as BDSM, foot fetishes and spanking have been on a steady rise,” Catherwood tells the audience. “But at the same time the people who regularly enjoy anything other than vanilla are easily misunderstood.”

Catherwood and his crew spent time in the kinky playground—which is housed on the second level of The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Las Vegas—to meet the exhibitors and the fans and get a better understanding of fetishes, kinks and more.

Among the observations in the piece are that kink is a lifestyle and not always just an immediate form of sexual gratification, and that kink covers a number of preferences, sensations, dynamics and more. Mistress Cyan, who oversees The Lair every year, talked to Catherwood about the psychology behind preferring kink and alternative porn.

“What we do touches the here,” she said, using a hand gesture to indicate the brain, “instead of here,” she added, pointing further south.

“We actually blend the pain and the pleasure together so they become one,” Mistress Cyan continued. “The biggest sexual organ is between your ears, which we are really touching too.”

After receiving an education on BDSM, fetishes, role plays and more, Catherwood then submits to experiencing a bit of the lifestyle, getting flogged by Mistress Cyan.

After visiting The Lair, the crew returned to Los Angeles and made a stop at Sanctuary LAX, a dungeon and studio with themed rooms for various types of BDSM play, for a more in-depth interview with Mistress Cyan. She traced the history of BDSM for viewers, noting that not long ago it was considered a mental health illness, and talked of how what was considered extreme as little as a decade ago—whipping, piercing, etc.—is now perceived as almost tame.

“Now, people are doing fire play, doing knife play, breath play,” she said. “We actually had a presentation of someone teaching liquid nitrogen play.”

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Written by: Sherri L. Shaulis

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