Announces the Winners of the 2018 AltPorn Awards

HOLLYWOOD, Calif.—The 2018 Alt Porn Awards Show, created by and sponsored by MyFreeCams, was held at Bar Sinister in Hollywood on Saturday night, May 26. The show was hosted by actor Jeffrey Damnit, along with trophy girl Malice McMunn. Top star/director Joanna Angel introduced the show with a short remembrance.

After welcoming the attendees to the 2018 AltPorn Awards, she began, “It’s incredible to be here. Look at this room full of beautiful, amazing alternative weirdos getting together to celebrate our sexuality, our individuality and our sluttiness.

“In the year 2002, I put some naked photos of myself on the internet,” she continued. “I was not a porn star; people said that’s the year I entered the porn industry but I wasn’t entering any industry and I wasn’t entering porn. I was just a girl in college exploring my sexuality and I was looking for other weirdos to get naked and do it with me. … This was happening all over the country. Websites were popping up all over the internet where alternative individuals were displaying their own vision of what was sex and what was sexy. For some of us, this meant latex; for some of us, this meant cosplay; for some of us, this meant bondage—and for some of us, this meant anal.”

Before the cheering crowd, she also lauded as a seminal alternative site, saying, “It gathered all the lost naked souls and it gave us a place to congregate. Instead of trying to sit at the lunch table with all the cool kids, it built a whole other cafeteria so we didn’t have to even fucking go in there. We are the weirdos, mister!”

Below is a list of the 2018 AltPorn Award winners:

Best Webcam Site (2017)

Best Membership Site – Multigirl/Community
Burning Angel

Best Membership Site – Solo
Ari Dee –

Best Clip Site (for Alt Talent)

Best Modern Burlesque
Jenevieve Hexxx

Best Female Performer of the Year
Charlotte Sartre

Fan Favorite Female Performer of the Year
Leigh Raven

Best Male Performer of the Year
Small Hands

Fan Favorite Male Performer of the Year
Will Havoc

Best Cam Girl of the Year

Best Clip Artist of the Year
Larkin Love

Fan Favorite Clip Artist of the Year
Cattie Candescent

Best Alternative Erotica Photographer
Amelia G and Forrest Black

Best Sex Toy (non-technical)
Seahorse – Mr Hankey

Fan Favorite Sex Toy (non-technical)
Zaratan – Bad Dragon

Best Technology Innovation
The Tremor: Rock n Roll Sex Toy

Best New Cam Model

Fan Favorite New Cam Model

Best Modified Cam Girl

Best Cam Creativity

Fan Favorite Cam Creativity

Best Punk Cam

Best Gothic Cam

Best 420 Cam

Fan Favorite 420 Cam

Best Nerd Cam

Best EDM Style Cam

Best Cosplay Clip Artist

Best Toys Indie Clip Artist

Best Inked Indie Clip Artist

Fan Favorite Inked Indie Clip Artist
Eliza Bathory

Best Affiliate Program

Best Free AltPorn Site (that isn’t

Best Alt Magazine (that isn’t AltStar Magazine)
Barely Evil

Best Feature AltPorn Video
Villain – AE Films

Fan Favorite Feature AltPorn Video
A Very Adult Wednesday Addams 2 – Burning Angel

Best Gonzo AltPorn Video
Cum On My Tattoo 7 – Burning Angel

Fan Favorite Gonzo AltPorn Video
Lesbian Gushers – Filly Films

Best Alt Photography Book
RazorCandi: Gothic Punk Deathrock Tattoo Pinup Icon (Blue Blood Books)

Best 420 Shoot (photo and/or video)
Masuimi Max The Grinch (BadMax)

Best Nerd Shoot (photo and/or video)
Ari Dee Get Schwifty (TheAriDee)

Fan Favorite Nerd Shoot (photo and/or video)
Dorothy/UlraHappy – Space Sailor (BlueBlood/EroticFandom)

Best Rave Shoot (photo and/or video)
Lum Flashing and Cake Porn on a Malibu Beach (MessyHot)

Best Gothic Shoot (photo and/or video)
Daizy Cooper Pumpkin Carving (BlueBlood/GothicSluts)

Best Punk Shoot (photo and/or video)
Malice McMunn Armed Schoolgirl (BlueBlood/BarelyEvil)

Pictured: Malice McMunn and Jeffrey Damnit

Written by: Mark Kernes

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