Alex Grey Named March Vixen Angel

LOS ANGELES—Alex Grey never tries to cover up for her career choice.

“If I’m getting my hair done somewhere and they’re like, ‘What do you do?’ I always say, ‘I’m in the adult industry,’” Grey says. “I’ve always been really proud to say that I’m part of this industry and I stand for it.

“I’m all for the rights and everything; and I have this awesome community of super open-minded people that you could go to with anything and they’re not going to throw you under the bus or make you feel bad.”

That attitude is why today’s celebration at Greg Lansky’s Vixen Media Group headquarters in Studio City, Calif., is extra special for the 22-year-old native of Hillsborough, N.C. In a ceremony broadcast live on Instagram, Grey was named the March 2019 Vixen Angel, a sought-after title that comes with an armful of gifts.

“It’s awesome,” Grey says. “I guess at this point I’ve been in for a while and I feel like I have at least a little bit of respect in the industry and in the community—and it’s awesome to be recognized for that.

“I think the Vixen Angel is definitely a representation of having a good fan-base and a good family-kind of sense of the people around you. I’m very honored.”

Surrounded by fellow Vixen Angels Tori Black, Riley Reid, Teanna Trump and Amia Miley on the gold couch at the three-time AVN Director of the Year Lansky’s immaculate office space, Grey received a pair of Vixen custom Christian Louboutin red-bottom shoes, a custom Tiffany brilliant-cut diamond necklace and custom Vixen lingerie sets. She’ll also be featured in an editorial-style photoshoot as part of her Vixen Angel prize package.

The former cam model on Chaturbate—who went by Asuna Luv—tasted success early in her porn career.

Just eight months in when she was 19, the blonde stunner landed the cover of Penthouse as the December 2015 Pet of the Month—dazzling in a snow-bunny themed shoot. A few weeks later she graced the biggest stage in adult entertainment as one of the presenters at the 2016 AVN Awards Show, joining Katie Morgan and Janice Griffith to present the awards for Best Actress (Penny Pax) and Male Performer of the Year (Mick Blue) at The Joint inside Hard Rock Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

In the months that followed, Grey added notable titles such as Hustler Honey and Twistys Treat to her resume.

“I was Penthouse Pet my first year in the industry. And that was crazy because I was like—I did not feel like I feel now,” Grey says. “I didn’t really know anyone. I was stoked—it was awesome. Looking back on it now, it’s awesome that I am included in that. Penthouse—the name is legendary; it’s huge.

“But I think the Vixen Angel means a lot more to me now. Not to say more than the Penthouse thing—but just the reason why I’m getting it I feel like means that I did something right.

“So I’m really excited. I think this year’s going to be great.”

Grey returned to porn performing for the first time in nine months in late February. During her break for shooting she toured the country as a feature dancer, headlining sometimes up to three different clubs a month for a grueling four-month stretch.

“Which was really fun but I think I kind of overdid it,” Grey admits. “My knees were so bruised but it was awesome. I met a lot of fans and now I recognize people on Twitter who tweet at me. So it kind of helped me because I think it made my fan-base stronger—even though I wasn’t shooting. So it was not a bad thing.

“I mean I’m not the best pole dancer but I still have a lot of fun and I think they can see that—the crowd can see that. … I hope so.”

Grey says her favorite club was Fantasy’s in Baltimore, where she featured on two occasions because she was such a big draw.

“I danced there once and it was amazing. I did really well. It was packed. And then they had like a Christmas in July kind of thing. And I went back right away for that,” she says. “And on my little thing it said, ‘Back by Popular Demand’ and that made me feel really good.”

Grey also says her feature dates in Oklahoma City made for another memorable stop.

“Because I have friends there and they actually drove up to Oklahoma City to see me,” she says.

“And the Crazy Horse in San Francisco. That was a cool one; that was one of my first ones. 

“I would love to keep dancing. I really want to dance in Vegas. … So I don’t want to stop dancing but I am going to take a break for now. It’s on the back-burner for a little bit. I have a lot of shoots coming up.”

Not coincidentally, one of the first scenes of her return debuted today on Greg Lansky’s sister site Tushy. It’s an anal encounter with 2018 AVN Male Performer of the Year Markus Dupree. She has created quite a history with Lansky’s award-winning anal site—Grey was the Valentine’s Day update in 2016 on Tushy, taking on three-time AVN Male Performer of the Year Mick Blue in her first anal scene. Then in January 2017, she won her first AVN Award for her three-way anal scene with Christian Clay and Karla Kush. Her tussle with the Russian Rocket Dupree—called “Hard Crush”—was her second time working with him.

“It is amazing,” Grey says. “It was great. I’ve never had a bad experience with him. I think he’s a really nice guy and he’s really professional.

“I actually worked with him probably two-and-a-half years ago.”

Grey continues, “I remember when I first met him I was like super intimidated by his Russian. But then when I worked with him this time it was really cool.”





Dupree plays Grey’s Russian tutor in the setup.

“And I lived in Alaska for a little bit and there’s a lot of Russian people in Alaska. I did my freshman year of high school there and I can write some things in Russian. So in the scene I’m like writing on the paper [in Russian],” Grey says, adding it didn’t seem like her ability to write in Russian impressed Dupree.

“He didn’t seem like he was—because I thought he would be, too,” she adds with a laugh. “It was really funny though. We have good chemistry. He makes me feel really, really comfortable. So that was my first anal scene back.

“At home it’s fun in my personal life; I do it in my personal life. But it’s nothing like porn sex. Nothing ever is… I don’t think a lot of people know that but it’s true.

“Because I always say that if you can hold a straight face in a position for stills—with something up your butt—then you are like a champion. Not many people can do that. … But my point is he makes me feel really, really comfortable. So it was really smooth sailing through the whole scene.”

Grey at post time had shot five scenes since coming back full time, including a live girl/girl show for CherryPimps with 2018 AVN Best New Starlet Jill Kassidy.

“I’ve never worked with her before but I love her so much,” Grey says. “We had really, really awesome chemistry. Then I saw her at the Pajama Party [on March 15] and we were like best friends, so it was really cool. … I would love to work with her more.”

Grey also revisited Nubiles, a company that has been shooting her since 2015.

“Since the very beginning,” Grey says. “Probably one of my first five scenes was for them. But it’s always different—different directors with the same thing, which is crazy. It’s a long time for this business. It’s awesome that I can still work with them; it hasn’t gone away.

“Nothing has really changed that much, which I’m happy about. I was kind of worried about that.”

Grey, who has been represented by John Steven at Matrix Models since starting porn in April 2015, says she never even hinted at retirement during her time away.

“I just needed to rest,” she says. “I just needed to take a break. Because I never wanted to retire; I never announced that I was retiring. I never said that I hated the industry and I was leaving. That was never my intention and so I’m really lucky that I got to keep my following and my fans and everything and no one really went away.

“It was just a personal issue that I needed time…and I’m really glad that I did. Because now I feel super fresh and I’m really glad to be back. It’s kind of like riding a bike. That’s the best way to put it. It did me well to take a little break.”

Not long after Grey met dozens of fans at the AVN booth in Vegas this past January, she stopped by the Vixen Media offices to grab her first AVN trophy—that Greg Lansky had been keeping for her. She won the 2017 statuette for Best Three-Way Sex Scene – Girl/Girl/Boy for her performance in Lansky’s Anal Beauty 4.

“I finally picked up my award and it was cool and it kind of set the mood,” Grey says. “I’m like, ‘Now I’m going to get a current one at the beginning of next year.’ I think this year is going to be my best year so far. I have a completely clear headspace. I’m ready to get back into it and really make it something special. So I’m stoked.”

She adds, “Because at this point—this is my life. It’s definitely a healthy life—it really is. I mean there’s so many other things that I could be doing that society would deem acceptable but this for me is the best and most comfortable place I could be. It’s crazy saying all that out loud. I think about it all the time but I don’t ever say it.”

Indeed, Grey has come a long way from camming in her mom’s apartment in North Carolina.

“I haven’t been on Chaturbate in five years, but that definitely got me my start. It all started there, so I have to thank them some way,” says Grey, who will turn 23 on 4/20. “After all this time I’ve definitely paid my respects to their site and everything that got me started so…

“It’s really crazy to think back to sitting on the floor of my bedroom in my mom’s apartment using her computer to cam. I was using her desktop that I took off the desk and put on the floor. I actually have some fans that are still around from that time.

“They’ll send me little gifs of the anime [of Asuna Luv] and it’s really cute. I’m like, ‘I can’t believe you guys are still here.’ I’ve got significantly more tattoos. My hair is really long and stupid blonde. … My hair was like a reddish brown when I was on cam… The blonde has always been my thing.

“The last thing about April I have to say is all this stuff is happening and it’s my birthday. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. I think it’s meant to be. I’m really excited for all this.”

Grey says her mom recently moved to Colorado.

“And it’s kind of sad because I always liked to go home for the holidays,” she continues. “I would see all my friends I went to school with and now it’s like if I go back there I have to stay with a friend and I only really have maybe like two or three that I keep in really good touch with. So it’s kind of sad that she moved but she’s happier in the mountains of Colorado.

“But I do miss it. I think if any strip clubs are reading this, book me somewhere in North Carolina so I can come home for a little bit.”

Grey, who has racked up 276,000-plus followers on Twitter and 376,000-plus on Instagram as she eyes her four-year anniversary, says her journey has been “interesting.”

“What’s crazy is when I took my break my Instagram followers actually just kept going up. Never did I ever lose any. I don’t know how that happened. But I’m thankful for it—it’s great,” she says. “While I was dancing it was great that I got to meet a lot of people and probably get more followers and fans, if you will.

“I just feel like at this point it’s just going to keep growing. I really feel like I’m on this path to be right there with my peers and co-workers. I like to call them co-workers—fellow industry girls and guys. I just hope I am viewed how I view some of the top girls like Kayden Kross and Abigail Mac. I really hope that they at least at some point—maybe not right now—but at some point can look at me and see what I see for them.

“I idolize them. They’re beautiful; they’re talented. They have that thing in the industry that like every girl wants. A brand new girl wants to have that thing. It’s like a glow and a respect thing.

“And I think that right now my main goal is to make sure that people know that… I don’t know how to put this… I just have the utmost respect for the people that have been doing this and I feel like I could get there and I want to be there with them. And I feel like it’s going in the right direction.”

Grey tells AVN she learned how important it is to interact with the fans.

“I realize that is a huge thing,” she says. “It’s two things: it’s being respectful and being a part of your community on the inside and being aware and being a good role model for the people on the outside.

“So yeah, I think it is all-around. I’ve learned to be an all-around performer. I think that’s what I’ve gotten out of being in here for so long.”

Grey continues, “I’m really excited for more public things. I love meeting my fans. It’s always worth it. So when I get to meet my fans it really makes it for reals. That’s why I’m like… all these people that see me online are like organic. They’re not all super crazy people. They’re pretty normal people and it’s awesome to know that I get to sell this kind of fantasy thing. I like fantasies, too, so I totally get why they like it. So it’s cool.”

Grey added more artwork to her body, including a small heart on the left side of her face and a dark flower on the right side of her neck.

“I have this thing with tattoos—I don’t care. I know that tattoos are permanent—and like [people say], ‘What will you look like when you get older?’—that kind of thing. I don’t care. I think that every time you get a tattoo it’s like a memory that you’ll remember forever. And so all mine are really important to me,” Grey says. “This one on my neck—it’s such a crazy story that only I need to know.

“I love it; it’s my favorite one. I feel like it really fits me. I don’t think people ever expected me to have a big-ass neck tattoo. But I really, really love it.”

She says each of her tattoos are “very specific.”

“It would take me forever to explain all of them. I had to do it for this generation to get my face tatted so I got this one,” she says, pointing to the black heart outline. “Like this whole new generation of 2000 babies. All those kids have face tattoos so I had to go and get one. That’s the only one I’m going to get—don’t worry I’m not going to go and get my eyelids tatted.

“I don’t plan on getting much more honestly. Not right now. It will stay how it is for a while.”


Top photo, from left: Tori Black, Riley Reid, Amia Miley, Alex Grey and Teanna Trump via @vixenxofficial Instagram.



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