Zbuckz, Dominic Pacifico Announce New PacificoEntertainment Blog

LAS VEGAS, NV—Danny Zeeman and WebMediaProz have announced the creation of PacificoEntertainment.com, a new blog to catalog all the various sides of multifaceted artist Dominic Pacifico. Dominic is well-known in the adult industry as an award-winning model, director and creator of his eponymous website, which is part of the growing family of Zbuckz/Dickbank gay porn affiliate membership sites. Fans outside of the porn world know him as an A-list gay celebrity DJ and musician, with a long résumé of helming the decks at many of the world’s premier gay clubs and events. The new blog is a synthesis of both worlds, where Dominic’s fans can find out more and enjoy his talents in adult entertainment and world-class music.

Vegas-based Renaissance man Pacifico, a world-famous DJ on the gay club circuit, is best-known for starring in and producing high-end gay adult content with a kinky edge. Upholding his reputation for quality and excellent production values and collection of models focusing on masculine, hairy and Latino guys, the adult portion of Pacifico Entertainment is chock full of sexy updates, behind the scenes interviews, press reactions and video previews.

Meanwhile, the music section holds a library of SoundCloud files that span a decade of Dominic’s club performances as DJ Pacifico (formerly DJ Pornstar) and inventive remixes of favorite nightlife dance hits. More than fifty files are arranged in chronological order from the newest back to past circuit party sets and club nights spanning several continents. Visitors can listen to remixed tracks or stream full nightclub DJ sets. Dominic’s calendar of events is also continually updated with new posts of his worldwide travels.

Dominic is excited about the all-encompassing aspect of the new blog.

“Not that many people in my life get to see it all, my adult industry career as well as my artistic life and creative side,” he noted. “It’s good to have it all there in one place, so fans can discover parts of me they really didn’t get a chance to know.”

Other features that present the complete picture of Dominic’s artistic ventures include links to his live cams page and store, where viewers can purchase DVDs and selected merchandise. All sections will continually evolve and update as Dominic and his successful studio scale new and challenging heights to entertain fans’ minds, hearts, and bodies. Those interested may visit the blog here.

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