Icon Male Gets Collegiate with'Hall Pass'

MONTREAL—IconMale returns to the sweet years of college sexploration in Nica Noelle’s latest directorial effort, Hall Pass, now available on DVD. Distributed by Mile High Media, the new title stars JD Phoenix, Kory Houston, Michael Delray and Blaze Austin. It features four hardcore sex scenes shot in HD, along with exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, a photo gallery and more.

“Nica examines the hijinks, passion and temptations of young college men given a free pass by their boyfriends,” said Mile High Media Vice President Jon Blitt. “With its talented cast, Hall Pass will take you back to those free-spirited days of college life and the intense attraction and powerful emotions that made each relationship so memorable. It’s another great feature from our premier gay studio, Icon Male.”

Hall Pass follows the lives of young college twinks JD Phoenix and Kory Houston, who are in love. That doesn’t mean they don’t succumb to the occasional crush on another man. Kory secretly lusts for his brilliant, hung tutor, Michael Delray, while JD has it bad for frat brother Blaze Austin. When JD suggests they give each other a “hall pass” to conquer temptation by facing it head on, Kory is reluctant, but he comes to see the wisdom of JD’s twisted plan.

The latest Icon Male trailers can be seen on IconMale.com. 

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Written by: Terrie Alexander

Originally published on https://avn.com/business/articles/gay/icon-male-gets-collegiate-with-hall-pass-775649.html


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