Sydney Leathers Blasts Giuliani Over His Disrespecting Stormy

CYBERSPACE—Most fans of adult entertainment know of Sydney Leathers for two things: 1) She was at the other end of Anthony “Carlos Danger” Weiner’s “weiner sexts” while he was running for mayor of New York City several years ago, and 2) As a result, she became one of the celebrities Vivid Entertainment sought out for a sex tape, which became Weiner and Me, starring Sydney and Xander Corvus.

But all that may change, when fans begin to discover one of Sydney’s other talents: insightful prose. The star has recently had a couple of noteworthy essays published, one in the Washington Post, the other on, a website which, according to its front page, is dedicated to “Shocking True Stories and Political Sleaze,” and whose mission, according to editor Ken Silverstein, is, “I’m going to cover DC politicians and journalists like Hollywood celebrities—not the way they are worshiped by our current media masters, but the way they were mocked and exposed by the great Hollywood tabloid Confidential and by Kenneth Anger in his wonderful, lurid book Hollywood Babylon.” And Sydney has a new essay published on that site, and again, it’s well worth reading.

Titled, “Neither Brains Nor Beauty: The Rudy Giuliani Story,” Sydney takes a holistic approach to the problem of Giuliani running interference for Trump over Stormy Daniels’ accusations.

Acknowledging that she felt as if she’d entered a time warp when hearing Giuliani’s comments about women in general and Stormy in particular, Sydney brought her own experiences to bear in countering Giuliani’s horseshit: “When asked how Trump treats women, Rudy had the nerve to say, ‘Ask Ivanka.’ Oh, really? You want us to ask Ivanka how her dad treats women? Ivanka, the daughter he called a ‘perfect 10,’ the daughter he said he would date if she wasn’t his daughter? Trump has openly sexualized his own daughter. I’ve done porn and I don’t have 1/10th of the Daddy issues that Ivanka must have.”

Sydney then turns Giuliani’s “holier than thou” putdowns of Stormy on their head.

“It’s ironic that Rudy says porn doesn’t respect women considering that Rudy and Trump are members of the Republican Party,” she notes. “You know, the party that doesn’t believe women deserve equal pay for equal work, that doesn’t believe women should be able to make their own decisions about their bodies… Rudy, you had the balls to say that Stormy has no credibility because of the business she’s in. But you represent Trump, a serial bankruptcy-filing slumlord known for his bad debts, philandering, and cheesy reality TV persona. Who says HE deserves respect? Sorry, but President Grifter and the team supporting him deserves far less respect than those in the porn industry.”

But tapdancing on Giuliani’s head is fun, after all, and Sydney encourages him to give her more ammunition: “[Y]ou’ve been such a spectacularly bad attorney/spokesperson for Trump that I’d like to encourage you to keep putting your foot in your mouth. We’re all really enjoying it.”

Sydney’s full essay can be read here.

Meanwhile, Sydney’s hardly the only adult personality commenting on this legal menage à trois. The NY Daily News and ABC News both caught up with Alana Evans, who’s previously claimed that she too was invited to Trump’s hotel room at that infamous Lake Tahoe golf tournament where Stormy got her first taste of The Donald.

“Evans said she was outraged when Giuliani on Wednesday claimed Daniels’ job makes her ineligible to ‘credibility of any weight,'” the Daily News‘ Chris Sommerfeldt reported.

“It’s an insult to every sex worker, every adult film star, every woman who has ever gotten naked for a paycheck,” Evans told the Daily News.

Evans went on to make several other good points about Trump’s relationship to porn, pointing out that his wife Melania has done nude magazine layouts with girl/girl poses and calling Giuliani’s comments about Stormy “also an insult to Melania.” Giuliani pushed back, claiming that there’s “a ‘big difference’ between appearing in Playboy videos or posing nude for magazine shoots and being a ‘self-proclaimed porn star.'”

Trump himself appeared to agree with that assessment. Asked by a group of reporters as he was boarding Air F***e One to head to Canada for the G7 economics talks, he said he was “not going to disagree” with Giuliani’s comments on porn stars’ credibility.

But it’s not as if Trump shuns porn stars, with Evans noting that, “‘The very day Rudy is making these absurd comments and slut-shamming [Daniels] is the same day that Alice Marie Johnson is having her sentence commuted by Trump thanks to negotiations by a porn star,’ … referring to reality star Kim Kardashian, who became a national celebrity after her sex tape was leaked.” (Vivid Entertainment has noted that while the Kardashian tape may have been “leaked,” the performer has been paid for the continued use of it on Vivid’s website.)

The Daily News article ended with Evans noting the low esteem in which adult performers are held by society, and the assumption that they’re less truthful than, say, ill-informed attorneys and immature politicians: “As a sex worker, this is something we deal with every single day. The double standard is cruel.”

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