FSC Writes Open Letter to Trump on Difference Between HIV & HPV

CHATSWORTH, Calif.—The Free Speech Coalition (FSC) issued a tongue-in-cheek open letter today to President Donald Trump in response to comments he allegedly made to Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates during two meetings between them indicating he did not know the difference between the HIV and HPV viruses. 

The FSC’s letter begins:

Dear Mr. President,

As the Trade Association of the Adult Industry, we are honored by the tremendous efforts you have paid for showcasing industry talent. The spotlight on our industry has never been brighter, and we have true admiration of the humility you must posses to allow such socially marginalizaed workers as those in the sex trade to be permitted to demonstrate that their business aptitude and political savvy is on par (or even greater!) than the Office of the President of the United States of America.

We regret that this is our first official time contacting you – in earnestness, it was our own intimidation at prospecting what else the adult industry could offer someone with such large hands. However, upon reading about your conversation with Bill (Gates, or course. What other Bill could teach you about governance?) and your confusion regarding HIV and HPV, we saw an opportunity to share our expertise, as sexual health is an important tenet of our industry.

Read the entire letter here

See a video of Bill Gates discussing his meetings with Trump here.


Originally published at: https://avn.com/business/articles/legal/fsc-writes-open-letter-to-trump-on-difference-between-hiv-hpv-777361.html


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