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Thinking about shooting with me? - Awesome! Please take a few minutes to read my profile information. I may not be what you'd expect to find in a photographer.

WHY I SHOOT - I do not shoot for my portfolio so I'm not out looking to hire a model to make my port better. My portfolio is just an example of my current and past abilities. I shoot to mutually benefit both the model and I equally whether it s for fun or for money.

PAY & TRADE - I do like to find ways to earn money from OUR work and I am open to making sure the model gets what she deserves and more! If we shoot together in a "mutually beneficial effort" I treat the shoot as if I am working for you (as if you were paying me).

RELEASES - No fishy business here. I ask for a basic standard release prior to shooting and will gladly sign a release for you too. When I trade OUR IMAGES ARE OUR IMAGES EQUALLY. I am very easy to get along with, everything is negotiable but no matter what, everything we do with our work beyond our ports will be agreed upon up front. What a concept huh!

EDITING IMAGES - I edit every AMAZING usable image we shoot because why waste a good shot? I give models copies of all edited images in a timely manner, usually within 5 business days usually by either DVD.

RULES - I get photo credit for the images I shoot as you get credit for images you model for. I do not allow my images to be post edited by someone else including the model. I often edit 50 - 100 images from a normal half day (4 hr) shoot. Also, I shoot anywhere from 300 - 500 images on average. I have a happy trigger finger!

PORN - I shoot mainstream and artistic but I'd like to get in to this field more. I'm very interested in using my equipment and talent to shoot some fun porn and make some good money. I have a few really unique ideas and I own a couple great domain names. Wanna get in to the industry? Let's do it together and control our destiny.

ESCORTS & SPECTATORS - When i shoot I want to connect with the model 1 on 1 and allow each of us to focus on doing OUR best work. I'm not a big fan of escorts on shoots and I can assure you I won t bring anyone who isn't necessary to the shoot. Any persons present at the shoot other than the model and I should be pre discussed and agreed upon and they should serve some purpose to the art process. I will not shoot with surprise visitors or spectators.

OTHER ABILITIES - In addition to photography I do graphic design, web design, videography, photo editing and retouching. I also print posters, large photos and canvas.

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Black Rose
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Thank You for Befriending Us! We would Love to hear from You about doing Busisness Together in the Future. Please message us through our website and let us know how we came across you :) Thank You Kindly for Your Time! @}-'-- WWW BlackRoseTalent COM

Posted by Black Rose on October 03, 2015.

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Thanks Friend. Nice portfolio. Best! SAil

Posted by Eros on November 13, 2012.

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