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About me

I am the CEO/PRESIDENT of the hottest new web-site on the net!

We are hosting a year round (Amature video contest) that like "American Idol"; members vote on the most creative amature produced adult video of the month. Monthly winners are decided for their 1.Creative/dynamic writing skills, 2.natural directing skills, 3. Production Presentation.

Each month winners with the most votes receive; First Place prize $1,000.00, 2nd place prize
$300.00, 3rd place prize $200.00 then placed on the sites "Wall Of Fame". The winners that provides the best original concepts and appear on the "Wall Of Fame at least six or more times with the first eleven months; qualify for our red carpet even't which the Grand Prize Winner will be awarded with a $10,000.00 check.

Not only does showcase the top Amature talent of today; but we also provide a wide aray of industry opportunity that can launch you into the next level. For more detail, get on my friends list or go to the site and join in on the fun. Opportunity is knocking at your door; are you ready to answer?

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