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Profession: Photographer #11457
Body type: Muscular
Height: 6'0"(183cm)
Weight: 190 - 210lbs(87-95kg)
Hair color: Blonde
Hair length: Short
Ethnicity: White/Causasian


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About me

I've been doing photography professionally for a little over 10 years now. I LOVE to travel and goin on road trips to shoot. If you travel & feel like gettin away, I can sometimes help or in some cases cover travel expenses if I feel that our shoot would greatly add to my port.


I do love to travel & definitely understand other peoples passion with traveling. I have had many people help me along the way & believe in paying things forward. I can and do regularly host professionals who travel. So if your a model, photographer, mua, etc, and your coming through my area, and you need a place to crash, just shoot me a message.

**TFCD **

Depending on my current projects I do offer some TFCD shoots if I feel it could enhance my portfolio in some way, or to help build a beginner's port. If you are interested in doing some TFCD, drop me a line with any ideas you might have.


Never have been a big fan of them. Not because I want to be the only guy around, or because I don t trust them, but because simply put... The majority of them are distracting. As much as people want to argue that the person won t get in the way, or they ll be there to help, it's almost always distracting. The model is always concerned about time, or if the escort that came with them is bored, if the escorts ready to leave or trying to find them something to do. Plus, I'm not too crazy about untrained people holding or moving a few thousand dollars worth of lighting and equipment. HOWEVER... I completely understand where the women are coming from because there are more creepy photographers (GWC'S) out there than not, and a woman should be concerned with her safety these days unfortunately. If possible I prefer to meet, talk to, etc.. with models before shooting. That way we are on the same page and are able to build a rapport. Having a very strong line of communication with the photographer about what you are, and are not comfortable with is always a plus. At the very least, let someone you trust know where you ll be and who you re working with.


I am a professional, and I ask you to be the same. Please be on time to the shoots, don\\\\\\\\\\\'t do a no call/no show(that\\\\\\\\\\\'s just rude & unprofessional), as well as cancelling a shoot at the last second. I respect you time, so please respect mine.


NO DRIVE BY FRIEND REQUESTS PLEASE! Please don\\\\\\\\\\\'t send me a friend request if your not going to at least send an email, comment, TAG, etc... with your request. It\\\\\\\\\\\'s definitely nice to have friends on here and network but I\\\\\\\\\\\'m not a collector of \\\\\\\\\\\"friends\\\\\\\\\\\" on here and this isn\\\\\\\\\\\'t myspace. Just sayin...

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