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Akiko Woo & The Creepy Dentist! PREVIEW

Uploaded on 03-17-2015 by lengensfurie

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22 year old college girl Akiko comes to our Creepy Dentist for some dental work! He literally salivates at the chance to work on her teeth...and other things! Akiko is helped to a relaxed postion and her clothes are slowly loosened (removed) to help her relax! Her bra, stockings and panties are loosened to help her relax and her feet are massaged with her panties around her ankles! While Akiko is slumped over the Dentist Chair, head back and sides exposed, he can't help but fondle and grope her young, tight body! He then moved down to her feet and licks and sucks on her thick toes! She is only left wearing a short, tight skirt and he clumsily removes it from her limp body! Creepy dentist puts on his latex gloves and finger ducks Akiko's sweet pussy! He simply can't control his lust for