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BellaInk & The Creepy Dentist PREVIEW

Uploaded on 03-14-2015 by lengensfurie

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Bella (BellaInk) comes to our resident Creepy Dentist to to have some wisdom teeth removed and he instantly falls for her! He uses his fingers to slowly root around her moist mouth! He delivers her some laughing juice and gets behind her and slowly assumes his dominance over his patient! His right hand caresses her face as his left hand reaches down to remove her wet panties! Now the fun begins! _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ As Bella (BellaInk) Lies in the dentists chair, his hands slowly over her breasts and clit! Bella moans quietly as he explores her body! He then reclines the chair so she is lying flat and fingers Bella's clit! Then he removes her black pumps r