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Lily bLarson's Perverted Fantasies PREVIEW

Uploaded on 03-13-2015 by lengensfurie

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Lily is a writer who travels the world! She stops in for a check up and the usual shots for her next trip, but when the doctor leaves the room for a moment, Lily's mind goes into The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty Mode! She falls asleep and awakens to find herself strapped in tightly into a body stocking with her feet sticking out at the end! Her doctor is holding a Wartenberg wheel and starts tickling her feet with it! Lily is trapped and at the mercy of her doctor! Lily tries to scream, but there is a Bit Gag in her mouth! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Lily struggles frantically as the spiked wheel is run back and forth across her soles! The suit is locked in the fr