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Pussy in a tree - Short Preview Clip

Uploaded on 02-08-2015 by swfantasies

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Oh, we have all seen a pussy up in a tree at least once in our lives, but you have never seen a pussy in a tree like this! Broken Wings climbs up in a tree and treats you to an upskirt flash of her skimpy black panties. Once there, she begins to play with her pussy, but decides that she absolutely has to get out of those panties. She slips them off and then slips her fingers into her now soaking pussy and begins to finger fuck herself while up in the tree. Listen closely and you can hear how wet her pussy is! Before long, she is moaning as she plays with her tits, her legs spread wide to give you a perfect view. She makes herself cum quickly, then licks her fingers clean of her tasty pussy juices.