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About me

Art is perceived in many ways by the critic, the audience
and its creator. As such, we come to
define our perception of another s vision sometimes with flawed
interpretation. My work is not a simple
capture of an image. Rather it is the
pause in a moment of time. What follows
are the visual representations of the intangibles of our lives we don t know
how to explain in words. My photography
is an expression of emotions, feelings and thoughts.

The exploration of our deepest thoughts and most personal
desires uncovers the basic foundation of our being. This discovery of the self allows the
understanding of, not only who we are, but why we are. My work in eros visually shows the power
within us to express that discovery in its purest and raw form. My primary direction is working in such areas
(i.e., nude, implied nude, erotic, etc).

I've recently talked about what my goals are for my
images. Well...I can promise anyone that
works with me or for me that my end game, my goal is to create something that
could or will end up on someone's wall, or displayed in a show. I don't shoot to pad a portfolio, or to shoot
content for a website, or anything like that.
it all has to have an end such, my option (unless its
commercial) is to try to shoot only what will be edited.

Though my profile is not all encompasing, I will shoot
anything...message me for samples of my glamour.

I was born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and pursued my
interests in photography through self-instruction.

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