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Studio Effex

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Where to begin... Studio Effex or Effex Studios; whatever you'd like to call it started up in my belief years ago when I received a camera as a gift. Since that day I've watched what began as a simple interest develop into a hobby, a passion, and now a goal. I'm a standard photographer in a sense but I like to pride myself and being a bit different. So often you see the same studio photographs, only differentiated by a new model. I love being able to capture the same 'Human Element' (Cheesy I Know...) that those photographs take but by doing it in a different way. Since moving to Grand Rapids after graduating from college I've fallen in love with this city and it's people. We really do have an amazing canvas to work with here in Grand Rapids. People, Places, Things, etc... We have the ability to take some amazing pictures simply by what our city can offer to us. Ideally like I said Photography is a goal of mine. Something that I've wanted for a long time and have worked towards everyday of becoming a self-sustaining professional photographer. I yearn to quit my day job and focus every waking ounce of myself into the craft. Hopefully I'll be able to find people on this site to work with and towards my goal. Thanks!

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