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Southern Heat By M.a.

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United States
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About me

I'm a photographer in Birmingham, AL looking for Male Models in the Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, area...

I enjoy shooting the strength, beauty, sexiness, and sexualness of the male body.

I'm looking to shoot Male Erotic/Sexual styles as well as Porn style photo shoots, if interested please contact me.

This is what i'm trying to do with male nude photography:

There is such a beauty in the male form. Not for the obvious cliché reasons, but how it can be captured in light. How is it possible that all artist over centuries have bathed themselves in the nude human form, including artists portraying religious iconography, but somehow in these times-times that are thought to be so progressive, we are viewing the human body as vulgar or obscene.

It is been a goal of mine to keep presenting work that shows bodies in a way that men and women can appreciate, aspire too, and desire. Without crossing any line of vulgarity.Quite frankly--people need to get their heads out of their own asses and start appreciating a few more of other people's asses!

~photographer Tony Dura

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Video Performer

great pictures and style love ot be in them

Posted by Sexysteven on January 30, 2011.

Nude Model

Thank you for the ad. if you have any project feel free to contact me. if you need to get a not male ass but of course to use for few more male, to start appreciating and enjoy of other people's asses

Posted by Jola on January 30, 2011.

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