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About me

Skelyrata is looking for women over the age of 18 to participate in erotic/fetish videos for the web.

Skelyrata explores erotic games that can be imitated by people at home and make each moment of passion a unique one.

The main fetishes are always tickling and forced orgasms.Others include vibrators, forced orgasms, sensual body kissing, fondling, tit sucking and squeezing, ice torture, sprayed with cold water and other softcore elements like fingering if allowed.

No penetration. No hardcore.

First session Pays: $200 for one hour of video which takes about two hours to film.

Work is in Bradenton, Florida, about 30 minutes south of Tampa.

You can bring an escort, but he/she will wait in another room with door closed. I am doing business with the model not the escort.

Please browse my website to become more familiar with my work and e-mail with any questions.

Skelyrata has been making erotic videos for the web since January 2007, and has worked with more than 30 models including some of the top names in the fetish world such as the princess of the ticklish universe, Addie Juniper, the worldwide debut of Alexis Capri before she became a super pornstar, adorable Emily, who captured everybody's heart with her hypersensitive body, Ashley "Alexis Grace, pornstar Leihla Leionni, Megan Jones, among others.

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