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Profession: Studio #5204
Body type: Husky
Waist: 38 - 40
Height: 5'8"(173cm)
Weight: 210 - 240lbs(96_ANY_09kg)
Chest: 46 - 48
Hips/Inseam: 33 - 35
Dress/Shirt: 41 - 45
Shoes: 11/11.5
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Shoulder-length
Ethnicity: White/Causasian, Black/African, American Indian
Work type: Commercial Only
Video Interests: Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl, Solo, Blow Job, BDSM, Fetish
Modeling Interest: Adult Nude, Adult Performer, Artistic Nude, Lingerie
Work status: U.S. Citizen
Experience: Very Experienced
Professional Stats: Professional
Travel stats: Domestic/International--Expenses Paid


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About me

Since 2006, SB Productions has produced videos and photos specifically for the pantyhose fetish community. Subject matter produced ranges from non nude softcore "teaser"-type shots, to full on hardcore adult content.

Models are asked what their modeling limitations are and will be hired for shoots that are within the realm of what they are comfortable in doing on camera. So no matter what your comfort zone is, there is a good chance that there is a shooting gig that will work for you (so long as I'm casting for that particular theme at the time, of course)

ALL SBP shoots are pantyhose fetish shoots! Casting petite to average-sized females only.

Work Experience

2014Worked with Brynn Hunter - San Diego
2014Worked with Brynn Hunter - San Diego
2013Worked with Angel May (first timer!)- San Diego
2013Worked with Ivy Turner - San Diego
2013Worked with Katashi - San Diego
2012Worked with Solana - San Diego
2012Worked with Katashi - San Diego
2006Worked with Mahlia - San Diego
2006Worked with Sirena Scott - San Diego
2006Worked with Aracely - San Diego
2006Worked with Talie - San Diego
2013Worked with Thai model Xanny - Bangkok, Thailand
2011Worked with Indonesian model Bella - Pattaya, Thailand
2011Worked with British fetish model Danielle Hunt - San Diego
2012Worked with British fetish model Danielle Hunt - San Diego
2010Worked with LaStar - San Diego
2010Worked with Sirena Scott - San Diego
2010Worked with Kymberly Jane - San Diego
2013Worked with Hannah Perez - San Diego
2010Worked with Pearl Anna - San Diego
2010Worked with Taylor Starr - San Diego
2011Worked with Kymberly Jane and Sarah Jain - San Diego
2011Worked with Karissa - San Diego
2012Worked with Jeneva Jones - San Diego
2012Worked with Star Nine - San Diego
2011Worked with Aja Cummings

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