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About me

Hello, welcome to my little blurb about me.

I like to combine elements of performance art & glamour together to create beautiful art. I airbrush, costume, retouch, build props, climb trees, whatever it takes to get a magical shot.

If you are paying for the shoot, the sky's the limit, I will create whatever you are looking for on your time schedule. You pay me for my time and you get the rights to the pictures.

My rates are reasonable, and I discount for multi-day shoots and shoots that involve travel to exotic places as long as I have enough time after the shoot is over to enjoy where I am.

If you ask to do TF* work, please be prepared to trade and contribute. You might just be cute enough that all I need is your look, but in general I do trade work because I want to collaborate and create something different. It is my time to shoot what the model/MUA/photographer all want to create together.

I would prefer to work on consignment versus trade. consignment allows everyone involved to make money if the pictures make money. Simple, like trade, but with the potential of making money.

Questions??? Just ask.

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