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New Jersey
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About me

I am an illustrator and fine artist looking for models to pose for my robot fine art series and friendship mostly.

The series is about female robots that are shown in a city dump, forgotten, abused and discarded. Others are wandering a desert, confused about who and where they are. Some are being hung, others shot etc. The imagery is based on some of the cruelest parts of the 20th century and its used to tell the story of a future where machines became too real, which scared humans and forced us to push them away, discard them and destroy them. Honestly it is based somewhat off my relationships in the past and how I was into illusion of a relationship more than who I was actually dating. And the few times that I didn't rush in and took time to get to know the person, it led to the worst breakups for me. The robot women represent this realization that I have been protecting myself by having artificial relationships with people that were not the best matches and eventually would fade away and leave my life. More info at:

more of my work at

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