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Profession: Photographer #6671
Body type: Weight-Height proportional
Waist: 30 - 33
Height: 5'8"(173cm)
Weight: 155 - 170lbs(71-77kg)
Chest: 43 - 45
Dress/Shirt: 13 - 15
Shoes: 9/9.5
Hair color: Light Brown
Hair length: Short
Ethnicity: White/Causasian


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51 years old
San Diego
United States
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About me

I'm a Photographer/videographer, not actually talent.

Apparently I joined this site in 2012 and immediately forgot about it until today, five years later. After googling a model and seeing her profile here, I tried to sign up as a "Photographer" and discovered my email was already in use? So here I am again. Apologies if my page is misleading. I am not actually a "Talent" if that's what it appears this page is for. Was the "Photographer" option even available here in 2012? Well, if so I didn't see it. All the photos in my port are of art models and/or adult talent I've worked with. I shoot photos for the web and for print and do clip videos for my site. I am a webmaster and a print publisher, a writer and an editor of content. So I'm looking to meet some of this awesome talent here and collaborate. Thanks for reading this far, and hopefully we can work together. :)

You can email me directly at reviewer(at)

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