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About me

I'm an adult video producer located in Wichita, Kansas. I specialize in girl/girl and solo girl projects but have also started to expand into fetish scenes such as girl/girl spanking, girl/girl tickling and sybian rides. I'm always looking for ladies who want to work with me. You can check out my clips 4 sale store at If you have an idea for a scene you would like to shoot. will be passing through the areaor just want to network contact me and lets talk. I now have blu rays and dvd's for sale of my latest creation titled Kaylee Hilton and Tiffani Taybor When the Boys are Away the Girls will Play. You can check them out at You can email me directly at [email removed]

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Black Rose
Video Performer

Thank You for befriending us, we would love to discuss working together. Please feel free to contact us via our website and not through here :) -Black Rose Talent @}-'--

Posted by Black Rose on July 05, 2015.

Ron Getz

Hello, hope you've been well. Been a long since the My Space days, lol.

Posted by Ron Getz on January 14, 2014.

Scarlett Fire
Video Performer

Hey there! I am doing great... back to shooting and web-cam'n & stuff. How are you?

Posted by Scarlett Fire on September 18, 2013.

Jackie Daniels
Video Performer

Thanks for the request!

Posted by Jackie Daniels on June 02, 2012.


THANKS for your continued SUPPORT! ♔ BIGASSARMY

Posted by BIG ASS ARMY on April 20, 2012.

Rt Productions

Hope it works this time. I would like to discuss some things with you.

Posted by Rt Productions on April 14, 2012.

Scarlett Fire
Video Performer

Nope I am free :) My email is -Scarlett

Posted by Scarlett Fire on April 10, 2012.

Scarlett Fire
Video Performer

Sure I can... just let me know time, place and date. I maybe going back and forth to CA and miami to work... so let me know. :-) -Scarlett

Posted by Scarlett Fire on April 09, 2012.

Scarlett Fire
Video Performer

Not too much really. I have been hitting the day job pretty hard now. Going to Dallas this weekend so I may shoot there. Not sure yet though cause I could really just use the down time. I've been asked to shoot a lot though.. just haven't had the time unless it's on a weekend.

Posted by Scarlett Fire on April 04, 2012.

Scarlett Fire
Video Performer

What's new hun? How are ya doin :) xoxoxo

Posted by Scarlett Fire on April 03, 2012.

MS Photo Design

I do indeed shoot in wichita some.

Posted by MS Photo Design on January 30, 2012.

Scarlett Fire
Video Performer

Anytime you need me gimme a call buddy! You are fun to work with and I had an absolute blast! I'll msg u my #. xoxo Scarlett

Posted by Scarlett Fire on January 13, 2012.

Scarlett Fire
Video Performer

Hey buddy! How are ya doin? xoxo, Scarlett

Posted by Scarlett Fire on January 12, 2012.

Samantha Grace
Video Performer

Thanks! Nice work! We should shoot sometime!

Posted by Samantha Grace on January 09, 2012.

Nude Model

WELCOME TO ATL! Hot port! Hope to see more images soon!

Posted by Donald on January 09, 2012.

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