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About me

I was born in Buenos Aires, in February of 1970, but I live in Miami since 2001.

I experienced the allure of photography because of my father who first taught me about it when I was a teenager. Together we took some basic classes at a local photography club in Buenos Aires. At that time digital photography did not exist, so we not only learned the basics of composition and exposure, but also the techniques for developing our own rolls. It was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed doing it.

After years of serious amateurism, I started to do it professionally, being the main core of my work Commercial Stock Photography, and adult talent.

I love to help models develop portfolios, but I don t offer TF* at this time. However there are exceptions and occasionally I offer very limited TF*. So if you think you have exceptional ideas and you re a very special model, send me an email with your details and I ll consider it. But bear in mind that any TF* session will require a full commercial model release.

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