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About me

It all started 10 years ago when I came into the art scene in Miami as a
painter. Most of my artwork was either Pinups or gothic paintings. Even
though Miami is not known for that kind of art it It went well for many
years, and had the chance to work with some great artists too. I got to
meet some wonderful photographers and started collaborating with them
as I needed models for my paintings. It was then that I became
interested in photo editing. I used all my knowledge of lighting and
shadows to retouch photos, and my creativity for graphic design. I
started trading work, they needed someone to retouch their photos and I
needed reference photos for my paintings. As I worked with some
photographers in Miami, I had a chance to learn a great deal about
photography, but never had any time to invest in it. Between the
paintings and photo editing, there was never any time for anything else.
But five years ago when the art scene began to fall, I found myself
looking at the corporate world for work and a way to pay my bills. It
wasn t until recently that I met a model in Miami that has inspired me
to jump into the art scene once again. I started painting, even though I
found myself very rusty it s coming back to me. I have also taken up

I m always searching for new ideas, and new people to work with. So
drop me a PM if you think you have something we both can benefit from ; )

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Cameryn Coxxx
Video Performer

Love to, I can be there anytime for a paid gig

Posted by Cameryn Coxxx on April 21, 2012.

Nude Model

wish you all the best-sometimes we need 'another' to re-inspire us to continue on with what we do best in our hearts -which is ARTISTRY ... wish you the best...stay strong...

Posted by ALLEN SAX on April 11, 2012.

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