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Richard Salvino

38 years old
United States
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My name is Richard Salvino and I am a producer in the main stream industry. I produce feature films, exercise videos and I produce celebrity sporting events.

The reason I opened this account is to find beautiful girls who are willing to work as promo models at our VIP Parties. You will be in small bikini's, lingerie, body paint and some times nude. You will be serving celebrities drinks and being paid to party with them. You will make $ 25.00 to $200.00 an hour to be the center of attention and party.

I also want to cast you in a feature film we are shooting next month. Its name is Karma and I need girls who are willing to shoot a shower scene and locker room scene. You will be nude in the shower and in bra and panties in the locker room.

I also wanted to find girls willing to shoot in bikini's, lingerie, implied and nude pictures for posters. You will make $ 250.00 to$ 1000.00 for the shoot.

I am also looking for beautiful girls and attractive men to represent in the main stream acting and modeling industry and I will book you in adult videos and adult events. I will take care of all your pictures, your head shots, your zed cards, tear sheets and you demo reel for the main stream and the adult industries.

It doesn't matter what part of the world you are in. I can get you a local agent and local work. When your willing to travel to Los Angeles, I can cover your flight, hotel and food during your stay. If your looking to relocate to Los Angeles? I can get you into your own place or a house with some of my other clients.

If you want to learn more? Email me at [email removed]

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Mandy Muse
Video Performer

So you're a producer in the "main stream" industry or mainstream industry? Mainstream is only one word, the fact that you make it two words has me concerned!

Posted by Mandy Muse on February 22, 2014.

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