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Luce Morbida

27 years old
United States
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About me

I have a strong interest and passion for all things artistic in life. I
would love to work with people that want to explore the mood, energy,
shape and emotion of our humanity with light and shadow.

If I email you for a TFP shoot please understand that I do not
profit in any way from our work together. Therefore I am not able to
compensate you with cash. I do however provide you with a CD of all the
images we shoot that day before you leave. I also Photoshop your
favorite 5 images for you. I hope that after looking at my portfolio
that you will see the quality of my images and find value in working
with me.

I receive emails all the time saying this sound to good to be true
and what s the catch . In fact I am updating this because I just
received an email from a model who was quiet incredulous about my
professional status and I quote I am confused about how you can
possibly be a full time photographer and not profit from your photo
sessions. Answer that for me. I'm not young, I have a well accomplished
husband, and just wondering how you can live off of TFP..?

My answer is simple. I shoot a limited amount of TFP and only in my
spare time. TFP give me the opportunity to experiment with new ideas
and hone my craft. Practice, practice, practice!

Photography has been a passion of mine since I was a child. As you
can see by my portfolio I love having the camera in my hands. I love
the feeling of getting lost in my creative soul. Of chasing that one
elusive image that speaks to viewer and conveys that moment in time.
Whether it is life, love, dignity, beauty, ugliness, emotion, harshness
of life or the joy of a child just everything!

I am totally comfortable working with new or inexperienced models,
as well as fulltime professional models. I pride myself on creating a
fun and relaxed environment to work in. I can walk you through posing
and facial expressions or just let you do your own thing! You are always
welcome and encouraged to bring a friend along to the shoot if you

For me it is about the journey and being in the moment!

Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in working together.


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