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Rusty Boone

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About me

We mostly do commercial fashion and fine art shoots. Branching into doing more fetish lately hence this profile. Contact Rusty if interested in fetish modeling.---------------Event, Location, Fashion and Studio. Also extensive architecture, travel and exotic animal photography experience of 20+ years. Currently based in Dallas with frequent trips to Seattle, Las Vegas, San Diego.

Available for some TFCD work: I retain most photo rights.

Commercial rates start @ $125/hr + expenses with 4hr min.

You will get about 2-3 retouched photos per set in shoot. Please do not ask for "all the photos." Raw images that are less than perfect will not be retouched and only retouched images are considered photos. If you need 10+ images, plan on spending 3-4 hr. in the shoot.

Will shootVanity Fair style pregnantshoot for free.

Open to creative collaborations.

When contacting me for a casting call please provide email/phone, update of current hair color/length and confirm dress size.

As you can see in the portfolio I do not like heavy makeup on models. If you do your own MU please 'go light' and bring a couple different lipsticks. If working with a MUA, I will let the MUA know what the look should be.

For most shoots I prefer all jewelry including piercings be removed prior to the shoot. Obviously if I'm focusing on your unusual piercings/tattoos then they stay in and will not be covered!

Do not wear anything tight if it is to come off later in the shoot. Belt buckles, tight pants, and bras can imprint the skin for 30 min or more after taking them off. That is time wasted.

Escorts are fine with the following rules: If you bring an escort, let them know they may be expected to help be a grip or gopher. Models should not be talking to the escorts at any time while on set (save that for makeup room, etc) and absolutely no direction to the model should be heard from the escorts.

If you bring BF/GF/SO/etc. that is fine, but they can not be on the set during the shoot.

If you agree to do a shoot, plan on making it. Names of models that cancel shoots at the last minute, show late, or no show are shared with other photographers. If you are not sure you can make it, don't commit. If you commit, do everything possible to show. If an emergency arises, please let photographers know ASAP and offer an alternate date to reschedule.


Booking January in Dallas and DC/VA

Booking February in Dallas and Seattle


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