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Kent Sparkman

47 years old
United States
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About me

My name is Kent Sparkman, and I am a Texas based photographer. My primary photo emphasis is action sports photography, but have broadened my focus to also include fashion, glamour and portrait photography.

All works are a collaboration. I always enter into a shoot with ideas of the "perfect" image for the situation. Often times that "perfect" image is improved dramatically by the suggestions of the talent that I have been blessed to get to work with.

Sometimes the images are a collaboration of the four or five voices in my head.

Othertimes I will follow the flow and watch the images develop from the light and shadows and hope that I am talented enough to capture them when they happen.

I try to tell a story with each image that I capture. The images that strive to create are those images that force me to have a conversation in my head about what led up to this moment and what will follow immediately after. The big picture surrounding the time slice that is a photo.

Contact me if you would like to tell some stories and be a subject in one of my stories!

I look forward to working with you!

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